Big Game on the Island Saturday… Big Day for LOCAL Rugby: Top Div 1 Sides Clash

from John James
posted Feb 28 2014

The Cowichan Piggies and Velox Valhallions meet in probably the biggest game on the Island this year to date. Both clubs have a wealth of talent and feature some of the best young, locally grown players on their rosters.

Cowichan has been re-energized this season with men’s registrations up 50% over this time last year. The club has also been very successful in renewing relationships with local players, coaches and administration. The formula seems to be working. This Spring several of the club’s top players from the past have come back to help form that solid nucleus that is so essential for local rugby to thrive. The club’s training sessions are well attended and feature a top local coaching staff.

Velox, in my view, is like Cowichan in that they are looking from within to build a core group which they can expand into a good brand of club rugby. Velox has numbers, good coaching and a good Junior program which is essential for growth of local rugby.

So, back to the game… Velox and Cowichan have pretty close records this season. The only games Velox has been upended were 3 fixtures vs Premier Clubs in September in which they were close fought matches and one glitch in Port Alberni which is always a tough task for any team. Cowichan has lost 2 games, a 27-3 loss to Velox at Cowichan and a heavy loss in the Alberni Valley. Both clubs have winning records and are atop the standings of the feisty VIRU 1st Div League.

Velox was fairly dominant in their win over Cowichan in November, so Cowichan will have its work cut out for it to overcome the deficits and break downs that Velox was able to exploit back then. Both clubs have team quickness and have hard hitting back row forwards. Great match-up!

Mr. de Goede will officiate the contest.

If you are in Victoria on Saturday, and want to take in some great local rugby… head to Velox… there will be 4 games on tap.

Premier Women: Velox vs Seattle @ 11:30
1st Div Men: Velox Academy vs Comox @ 1pm
3rd Div Men: Cowichan vs UVic Saxons @ 1pm at Wallace Field
1st Div Men: Cowichan Piggies vs Velox Valhallions @ 3pm

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