Rugby Canada Coaching Updates – March 2024

Jack Hanratty to Leave Head Coach Position of National Women’s 7s Team Following 2024 Paris Olympics – Starts at University of Ottawa in 2025

Jack Hanratty will leave his position as Head Coach of the national women’s 7s team after the Paris Olympics which ends mid-August. The Rugby Canada press release indicates he will take a short break and start his university role in 2025 which would mean he would miss the 2024 USports rugby season which runs from September to November. The 2024 championship will be hosted by UPEI.

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Rugby Canada Job Announcements – January 2024

Rugby Canada Announce Pacific Pride Head Coach Opening; Position Also Responsible for Men’s U20

Earlier in the week Phil Mack was announced as the Attack Coach of the men’s XVs program, in that article it stated Phil would remain with the Pride program as “Technical Lead”. We thought that would mean head coach but later Rugby Canada came out with a job opening for the Pacific Pride Pathway Coach that would include being “Head Coach” of the Pride and “Senior Coach” of the men’s U20 program. The deadline for applications is Feb 4th.

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Rugby Canada Men’s XVs – January 2024

Phil Mack Named as Attack Coach for Men’s XVs Team

Phil Mack the iconic Canadian scrum half has been named as the Attack Coach for the men’s XVs team. Currently acting as head coach of the Pacific Pride, the Rugby Canada Academy, he’ll continue in that role while taking on this new role.

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Rugby Canada’s National Training Centres Overview

Rugby Canada National Training Centres to Focus on Women’s XVs

When the Rugby Canada Strategic Plan for 2024-2027 was announced there was some excitement around the National Training Centres initiative. In the plan it states the goal as “Develop high performance rugby centres of excellence in different cities or regions across the country to address the training and competition gap in women’s and men’s high performance rugby ensuring quality alignment with Rugby Canada’s national team strategic objectives.” There were thoughts of Pacific Pride type of programs in other regions of the country.

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Canada U20 Updates – January 2024

Adam Roberts Resigns as U20 Head Coach; Scotland to Host 2024 JWRT

It’s difficult to get any answers out of Rugby Canada on the men’s U20 program, a critical link to the men’s XVs program. Stephen Aboud was announced in May 2023 as the head of the High Performance programs but 9 months later he’s doing his best impersonation of the invisible man.

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Rugby Canada Hall of Fame 2023

Rugby Canada Hall of Fame Inductees for 2023 Include Mike James, Keith Wilkinson, Rick Bourne, Sherry Trumbull, Andrea Burk, Jen Kish, Julianne Zussman, Mark Cardinal, Steve Gray

Rugby Canada is pleased to announce the Hall of Fame class for 2023. Nine Canadian rugby icons will have their distinguished careers celebrated forever as they enter the Rugby Canada Hall of Fame.

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Rugby Canada Strategic Plan 2024

Rugby Canada Announces Strategic Plan for 2024-2027

Rugby Canada released its Strategic Plan for the next 3 years. We’ll provide a review of the plan and for reference we’ve included the previous plan, 2021-23. We’ve also included the NZ Rugby Union Strategy 2025 for comparison purposes.

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Pacific Pride v Seattle Match – December 2023

Pacific Pride, Rugby Canada Academy, Defeat Seattle 40-15: Photo Essay

It was a rainy day at Starlight Stadium in Langford. Due to the late start at 3:45pm the 2nd half of the match was played in the dark under the lights, rain and dark, not a photographers friend. With the camera ISO cranked up the photos were grainy but this is what I captured.

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Rugby Canada Updates – October 2023

Rugby Canada Extends Kingsley Jones Contract for Two Years – Reaction from the Rugby Community

[editor’s comments below]

You know the joke, an American, an Irishman and a Welshman walk into a bar – the punch line of the joke is Rugby Canada. An American CEO backed by World Rugby money, hires an Irish High Performance Director who extends the contract of a Welsh coach. A coach who oversaw Canada not making the World Cup for the first time in Rugby World Cup history, losing to USA, Uruguay and Chile. A coach who hasn’t been able to get the top European professionals to commit to playing for Canada. A coach who has seen the morale of the men’s XVs program at an all time low and long time supporters walk away from the game in disbelief at Rugby Canada’s decision making.

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High Performance – May 2023

Rugby Canada Announce Stephen Aboud as Director of High Performance

We had covered this in a May 3rd article but Rugby Canada made their official announcement today. If you want to get some insights into his work with Italy, listen to the Irish podcast embedded below. It was recorded February 2023 and has some candid views on his recent work in Italy. Based on that I’m anticipating he’ll be putting a significant amount of emphasis on the 17-19 age group in his development plans. It will be interesting to follow his progress and see if he can create successful high performance development structures in Canada.

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