Cape Town 7s 2023

Men Finish in 7th Place; Women Finish in 6th Place in Cape Town

It was a big improvement for the men, going from 12th in Dubai to 7th in Cape Town. For the women it was a slight step down from 4th in Dubai to 6th in Cape Town.

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Dubai 7s 2023

Canada Women Finish 4th in Dubai, Men Finish 12th

The women started Day 2 with a quarter-final win over Ireland 14-12, scoring for Canada were Charity Williams and Krissy Scurfield, Chloe Daniels kicked both conversions.

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PanAm 7s 2023

Canada Women Win Silver – Canada Men Win Bronze at PanAm Games

Canada’s men’s team reversed an earlier loss to USA in the pool round to win the Bronze medal match 19-17. Argentina were the class of the tournament and went undefeated winning Gold. Chile were the surprising Silver medal winner as they defeated USA in the semi-finals. The USA men sent a development side that only had 2 players from their team that won the Olympic qualifier in August.

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Canada Men’s 7s Update – October 2023

Sean White Confirmed as Men’s 7s Coach Through to Paris 2024

Finally some good news from Rugby Canada on the coaching front, Sean White has been confirmed as head coach through to Paris 2024. The only question is why only a year when Kingsley Jones was given two years and failed to meet objectives, qualifying for the World Cup. Sean White brought a team back from the brink of falling off the World 7s Series and therefore potentially saving the Vancouver 7s as a stop on the World 7s Series. He deserves this and more. I suppose using Rugby Canada logic, if Canada fail to qualify for Paris 2024 he’s guaranteed a 2 year extension after that.

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2024 Olympic Qualifier

Canada Women Qualify for Olympics; Men Take the Repechage Path

As expected the women had an easy time of the North American Olympic qualifying as the USA had prequalified and weren’t at the tournament. Also as expected the men would have difficulty getting past USA. The men will have to win the repechage tournament in order to qualify.

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London 7s 2023 – Relegation Tournament

Heroic Effort by Men’s 7s Team in London Earns Core Team Status Next Season: Match Videos

It was a heroic effort by Canada on Day 2 as they dug deep and made a nation proud. They needed to put a large score on Tonga to ensure they would make the final on points differential and that’s exactly what they did with a +36 defeat of Tonga. Now they were in the final even if Uruguay defeated Kenya, which they did. It would put Kenya and Canada in the final and Kenya had won the pool round encounter. It was a tense match, tied 7-7 at the half, Canada kept their nerve and found the overlap with seconds left on the clock. Brock Webster had done well to move the ball down the pitch with a couple of line breaks, Phil Berna and Alex Russell had a 2 on 1 inside the Kenya 22 and Berna delivered the perfect pass for Russell to beat the cross cover. Webster put the ensuing kickoff deep and Canada were able jackal the ball for the win.

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Toulouse 7s – 2023

Canada Men Finish 4th in Toulouse – Women Finish 10th: Match Videos


After 2 great games on Day 2, Canada couldn’t get it together on Day 3, looking completely disorganized in the first half against Argentina and going down 26-0 after 7 minutes. They were missing Matt Oworu and that may be a testament to how important he is to the team. In the second match against France they shook up the roster and gave many of the subs the start. At this point 3rd or 4th matters less than evaluating who can step up next weekend. Jack Carson and David Richard stood out as they went into the half down 7-5. Canada kept it close in the second half with a Brock Webster try, down 14-12, then it was all France.

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Toulouse 7s – 2023

Canada Names Men’s Team for Toulouse 7s: Last Tournament Before Relegation Tournament in London

Canada are going to the relegation tournament in London, they’re 25 points behind Uruguay for 11th so it’s mathematically impossible to catch them, even if Canada won the tournament and Uruguay finished last. So the Toulouse tournament serves two purposes, stay ahead of Japan who are 8 points behind Canada and in the automatic relegation position. If Japan made the Cup round and Canada didn’t there could be a danger of that happening. Japan are in a pool with Samoa, Australia and Ireland so that scenario is unlikely to happen. The second purpose in Toulouse is to get Canada ready to win the relegation tournament the following weekend that will include Tonga, Canada, likely Kenya, and either Uruguay or Spain.

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Singapore 7s – 2023

Canada Finish 14th in Singapore, The Relegation Scenarios Get Real: MATCH VIDEOS

Canada finished 14th in the tournament, losing the 13th place match to USA. Japan had a good tournament, gaining 5 series points, Canada picked up 2 points. Japan closed the gap on the automatic relegation position to 8 points. If Japan made the Cup round in Toulouse and Canada had one of their 1 point tournaments, they’ve had 2 so far this year, Japan could make the relegation tournament and send Canada to automatic relegation. Based on tournament results so far it’s unlikely, Japan are in a pool with Samoa, Australia and Ireland in Toulouse.

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Hong Kong 7s Wrapup – 2023

Hong Kong 7s Wrapup: Women Finish 6th in 12 Team Tournament; Men Finish 14th in 16 Team Tournament and the Relegation Tournament Looms Larger

The men fell further off the pace in trying to avoid the relegation tournament. With two tournaments left, Singapore next week and Toulouse in May, it’s looking unlikely that Canada will make up the 18 points on Spain and 17 points on Uruguay to contest for the 11th spot and exemption from the relegation tournament in London. Spain made the quarter-final in Hong Kong which gave them 10 series points and allowed them to pass Uruguay who garnered 5 series points. Canada earned 2 series points in Hong Kong. Canada are in a pool with Fiji, Spain and Samoa in Singapore so they’ll have a chance to go head to head against Spain in that tournament.

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