Seville 7s – January 28-30 2022

Men Finish in 14th Place and Gain 2 Series Points; Women Finish in 7th Place and Gain 8 Series Points: FULL MATCH VIDEOS

The men came away with 2 points at the Seville tournament only coming out ahead of Jamaica who were an invitational side. Wales, Japan and Germany all came out ahead of Canada, and Germany are also an invitational side. Canada’s permanent spot on the series may be in jeopardy, the one saving grace this year, due to COVID, is relegation and promotion may be off the table. Canada currently sit in 13th spot, narrowly ahead of Wales and Japan.

The women did better, earning 8 points, ahead of Spain and Brazil. Canada occupy 8th spot with only 10 teams competing in all series tournaments so far this year.


The women lost to France 29-0 in the 5th place semi-final. They rebounded to beat Spain in the 7th place playoff 21-5. Australia defeated Ireland in the final, 17-12.

Canada v France

Canada v Spain


Canada lost to Spain 21-10 in the 9th place quarter-final. They then beat Jamaica 40-14 in the 13th place semi-final before losing to Wales 19-14 in the 13th place final. South Africa defeated Australia 33-7 in the final.

Canada v Spain

Canada v Jamaica

Canada v Wales

*Day 2 of Seville 7s: Canada Men Lose to Australia and Kenya; Women Lose to USA and Ireland: FULL MATCH VIDEOS*

On Day 2 of the Seville 7s Canada played four matches and lost all of them, 2 for the women and 2 for the men. The women will enter the 5th place semi-final versus France while the men enter the 9th place playoff against Spain.


Canada 12 Ireland 36

Elissa Alarie 11′
Olivia Apps 15′

Canada 7 USA 14

Olivia De Couvreur 3′


Canada 12 Australia 35

Cooper Coats 9′
Elias Ergas 10′

Canada 5 Kenya 24

Anton Ngongo 2′

*Canada Men Lose to Scotland; Women Lose to England and Defeat Portugal: FULL MATCH VIDEOS*


The women lost to England where they were just over matched in speed and power. They ran up the score on Portugal who are in the tournament as a replacement team when NZ and Fiji dropped out due to COVID. The return of Elissa Alarie was a bonus for Canada as she was one of the better players for Canada on Day 1.

Canada face USA at 3:57am PT.

It’s likely Canada will finish the best 3rd place team and face the top of Pool B in the quarter-finals. That will be the winner of Russia v Ireland, likely Russia.

Canada 12 – England 33

Elissa Alarie 9′
Alysha Corrigan 10′

Canada 45 – Portugal 7

Elissa Alarie 1′
Nakisa Levale 4′
Paige Farries 8′ & 10′
Olivia Apps 13′
Chloe Daniels 14′


The men’s team lost to Scotland in their only Day 1 match. They’ll be disappointed with their effort as Scotland just beat them with intensity, Canada dropping off a few tackles and getting beaten at the breakdown and at the scrum. Josiah Morra was injured in the previous tournament and wasn’t available for Seville.

Canada will face Kenya at 23:45 PT. They’ll struggle to make the quarter-finals as they have to finish top 2 in their pool and face Australia as well on Day 2.

Scotland 21 – Canada 5

Alex Russell 7′

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