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Vancouver Highlanders Update – May 2024

Vancouver Highlanders Announce Schedule; Two Player Announcements Joe Locke from UBCOB Ravens and Saba Shubitidze from Georgia – Reserve Players Added Liam Kinghorn from Calgary and George Wallin from Capilano

The last update we did on the Highlanders was April 22nd and a few things have happened since then, probably the most significant was the release of the schedule with a venue mentioned, Burnaby Lake Rugby Club. Early betting  money was on Klahanie, the Capilano grounds, being the hosting site but the first three match days have been announced as Burnaby Lake Rugby Club. Next item of interest will be ticket prices and any event info peripheral to the rugby matches themselves. The first date is a double header, Canada Selects and Barbados on Friday, June 28th.

The Highlanders announced two more signings, Joe Locke from the BC Premier champions,  UBCOB Ravens, and Saba Shubitidze from Georgia.

There are two more Reserve players Liam Kinghorn from Calgary and George Wallin from Capilano. The full rosters to date are listed at the end of the article.

There were two new High School Player of the Week announcements, Liam James from Charles Tupper and Aiden Jones from Shawnigan Lake.

There was a kit announcement as well, the team will play in red or white, both jerseys featuring a Scottish tartan down the side, fitting in with the Highlander motif.






Vancouver Highlanders (23)

James Biss, Jacob Bossi, D’Shawn Bowen, Thomas Davidson, Matthew Klimchuk, Sam Mace, Takoda McMullin, Talon McMullin, Melani Nanai, Ollie Nott, Conor O’Flaherty, Jake Thiel, Josh Thiel, Alastair Marshall, Payton Teneycke, Caden Wilson, Reid Watkins, Lenny Bonduau, Griffin Phillipson, Hayden Mulgrew, Nico Leonard, Joe Locke, Saba Shubitidze

Reserves (13)
Ben Beauchamp, Taine Clague, Simeon John, Keegan Neary, Theo Espagnol, Jacob Bourne, Callum Brown, Nathan Holm, Josh Olver, Siôn Griffiths, Ed Wallin, Liam Kinghorn, George Wallin

High School Players of the Week (4)
Liam Turnbull, Markus Djurickovic, Liam James, Aiden Jones

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