BC Rugby Weekend of November 4th 2023

BC Premier Week 4 Ravens Edge Burnaby; Lomas Clobber UBC; Pride Overcome Bays; Westshore Top Caps; Vikes Defeat CW: Rosters & Results

Week 4 of the BC Premier kicked off this weekend. Next weekend is Remembrance Day so Week 5 will be November 18th. There were three undefeated sides going into Week 4, Meraloma, Burnaby and the Pacific Pride.

Rosters are posted in the format last week/this week.

UBCOB Ravens 36 v Burnaby Lake 29 @ 14:30
Referee: Bradley Schwalger AR1: Riley Robinson AR2: Lance Davison
Venue: Jericho Beach Park

The Ravens upset the previously undefeated Burnaby team in a close match. The Ravens now go to 3-1 and Burnaby 2-1. In Week 5 Burnaby will visit the Lomas and the Ravens will host Capilano.


The 2-1 Ravens host the 2-0 Burnaby side. Burnaby had a bye last weekend while the Ravens were dominant in a win over the Bays.

The Ravens are missing Aaron McLelland this week, in Bermuda playing for the Canada Classics. Harjun Gill takes the #10 role. Grant Crowell is back in the roster at #8. There are four Carsons in the roster this week, always a good sign for the Ravens.

Burnaby are undefeated this season but this could be their toughest test yet. The front row remains the same, Jamie Kelly moves from blindside to #8. Reid Watkins isn’t in the roster this week but Brian Murphy returns to start at outside centre.

You can’t go against an undefeated side, and we’ll see how the Ravens do without Aaron McLelland. We’ll go with Burnaby but there’s a good probability of an upset in this one.

Prediction: Burnaby by 3.


1 Yo Hasegawa / Josh Tweed
2 Josh Tweed / Taiyo Minami
3 Kaleb Whitelaw / Tom Kaijaks
4 Matthew Chan / Frank Carson
5 Don Carson
6 Aga Ligamy / Matthew Chan
7 Taiyo Minami / Joe Locke
8 Joe Locke / Grant Crowell
9 Billy Wickham
10 Aaron McLelland / Harjun Gill
11 Tsugunosuke Hirai / Cole Keffer
12 Harjun Gill / Tsugunosuke Hirai
13 Andrew Coe / Aga Ligamy
14 Cole Keffer / David Thompson
15 Nicholas Blain / David Carson
16 Billy Hornaday
17 Tom Kaijaks / Yo Hasegawa
18 Christian Tasi / Kaleb Whitelaw
19 Jayden Gesche / James Carson
20 Henry Bibby / Lepi Funilagi
21 Bryan Tyrer / Henry Bibby
22 David Thompson / Jack Scher
23 TBC / JP Fieldhouse


1 Luka Bradley
2 Evan Mackey
3 Bryce Worden (c)
4 Jack Bolton / Cooper Johnston
5 Dom Baptista / Ish Mulema
6 Jamie Kelly / Dom Baptista
7 Jonah Fridfinnson / Jack Bolton
8 Taitusi Vikilani / James Kelly
9 Ezequiel Rossetti / Mohi Parata
10 Ethan Turner
11 Jack Brady
12 Reid Watkins / Scott Barr
13 Scott Barr / Brian Murphy
14 Stu Jamieson
15 Sam Williams / Eoin Reddington
16 Fuku Vikilani / Preston Petrovich
17 Juan Videla
18 Ciarin Gavin / Lalit Bharadwaj
19 Tom Rafuse
20 Lautaro Rowland-Toscano / Colton Lee
21 Justin Coen / Rafael Malcolm
22 Eoin Reddington / Nolan Shelley
23 Mohi Parata / Dan Josok

Meraloma 73 v UBC 7 @ 14:30
Referee: Chris Assmus AR1: Doug Thorpe AR2: Phil Webster
Venue: Connaught Park

That was an unexpected thumping and UBC will be wondering about their form going into the University championships in just over a week’s time. They were missing Izzak Kelly but he’ll be gone for the University championships as well as Canada are playing in Spain during that time. The Lomas sit alone at the top of the Premier with 20 points with four bonus point wins. In Week 5 the Lomas host Burnaby while UBC compete in the University tournament.


The 3-0 Lomas host the 1-2 UBC side. The Lomas defeated the Caps by +41 last weekend while UBC edged rivals UVic by +6.

The Lomas look the real deal again this season, last season they made the final. The front row is rotated from last week, Mark Rickard moves from hooker to loosehead prop and Bowers and O’Flaherty come off the bench from last week to start. Evan Galvin gets the start at openside. Big change in the halfbacks with Monty Weatherall in the reserves this week and Trent Ormsby moving from scrum half to starting #10.

UBC missing Izzak Kelly this week as he boards the plane to Spain with the rest of the Canada XVs side, Cayden Wilson taking his spot. A shake up at halfbacks with Jacob Bourne starting scrum half and Caleb Suemanutafa starting #10. James Biss is not in the roster this week, also missing is Talon McMullin.

This is a replay of the final last year, narrowly won by UBC 32-25. This year at this point in the season, the Lomas look a little stronger.

Prediction: Lomas by 7.


1 Geoff Brooks / Mark Rickard
2 Mark Rickard / Scott Bowers
3 Conor Turley / Connor O’Flaherty
4 Finton O’Sullivan
5 Brian Hayden / John Willis
6 Giovanni Guizzetti
7 Ethan Jaques / Evan Galvin
8 Jalan Farris
9 Trent Ormsby / Pete Hurst
10 Monty Weatherall / Trent Ormsby
11 Dewi Williams / Keith Graham
12 Joe Thomas
13 Jad Hamade / Conrad Kuita
14 Conrad Kuita / Dewi Williams
15 Louis Whellan
16 Max Graham-Shoad / Gil Cann-Vaana
17 Connor O’Flaherty / Geoff Brooks
18 Scott Bowers / Conor Turley
19 John Willis / Brian Hayden
20 Evan Galvin / Ethan Jaques
21Pete Hurst / Monty Weatherall
22 James McTurk / Jad Hamade
23 Keith Graham / James McTurk


1 Raymond Chou
2 Jacob Bossi
3 Payton Teneycke
4 Hillyard Carson
5 Izzak Kelly / Cayden Wilson
6 Sol Jacques
7 Callum Arnesen
8 Relmu Wilson-Valdes
9 Stephen Webb / Jacob Bourne
10 James Biss / Caleb Suemanutafa
11 Jared Andrews Almack / Dillon Hamilton
12 Kieran Martin / Marco Mitchell
13 Talon McMullin / Kieran Martin
14 Alastair Marshall / Niko Andrianos
15 Takoda McMullin
16 Emmet Allen
17 Koen Buckingham / Akihito Yoshida
18 Akihito Yoshida / Ethan Lee
19 Sandon Gupta / Liam Kinghorn
20 Joe McNulty / Sandon Gupta
21 Niko Andrianos / Joe McNulty
22 Jacob Bourne / Ben Beauchamp
23 Dillion Hamilton / Stephen Webb

James Bay 15 v Pacific Pride 19 @ 14:30
Referee: Derek Horton AR1: Al Humphries AR2: Chris Horsley (Pending)
Venue: James Bay AA- MacDonald Park

Looking at the rosters ahead of time, plus the Pride’s performance last week, we knew this was going to be a tight match, perhaps an upset. The Bays get their first point of the season but still sit in last place, the Pride didn’t get a bonus point so fall to 2nd behind the Lomas. In Week 5 the Bays host Westshore while the Pride host CW.


The 0-3 Bays host the 3-0 Pride. The Bays fell to the Ravens last weekend while the Pride closed out the Coastal Cup with a win over TWU.

The Bays are fully loaded with players from the 7s program and former Pride players. Cody Nhanala and Max Stewart should probably be in Chile with the 7s team right now as they struggled against USA. Anton Ngongo has come over from CW and is also on the 7s team. D’Shawn Bowen formerly with the 7s team and now with the Arrows is on the bench. Kyle Steeves returns at tighthead, he’s on the non-travelling reserves for Canada’s tour to Spain. The halfback combination of Sam Reimer and Crosby Stewart remains the same from last week.

The Pride didn’t have their roster posted when we were “going to press”. In all the time I’ve be doing the predictions I’ve never seen the Pride roster be the only one missing. Something happening there and they only beat TWU by 14 last week which by their standards is under performance. Still they are undefeated and the Bays winless but… is an upset looming? Update the Pride roster arrived, Matt Klimchuk missing and with the Canada team in Spain, Ben James takes the openside role. Jesse Kilgour starts at scrum half with Mark Balaski continuing at #10. Noah Flesch back in the roster at inside centre.

Prediction: Pride by 2.


1) Dakota Lachance / Andrew McPherson
2) Wyatt Pilz
3) Andrew McPherson / Kyle Steeves
4) Jack MacIntosh
5) Asfi Saeed
6) Jeremiah Gonevou / Dakota Lachance
7) Tyler Grom / Tom Richardson
8) Tom Richardson / Cody Nhanala
9) Sam Reimer
10) Crosby Stewart
11) D’Shawn Bowen / Malik James
12) Josh Thiel / Mike Newenheusen
13) Ciaran Breen / Max Stewart
14) Joeli Gonevou / Anton Ngongo
15) Tom Burton
16) Toby Ng
17) Tajoniel Forbes / Mike Gallagher
18) Kerry Park / Jordan Brown
19) Travis Best / Jeremiah Gonevou
20) Mike Newenheusen / Tyler Grom
21) Ryan Boothroyd / Jack McCarthy
22) Malik James / D’Shawn Bowen
23) Nicky Mouret / Craig Mitchell-Hermann


1 Sam Miller
2 Austin Creighton / Sam Mace
3 Tyler Matchem
4 Karl Hunger / Alastair Bruce
5 Jaiden John
6 Alistair Bruce / Reid Davis
7 Matt Klimchuk / Ben James
8 Charles Taimani
9 Ben Logan / Jesse Kilgour
10 Mark Balaski
11 Ian Jones / AJ Kosemple
12 Liam Poulton / Noah Flesch
13 James Thiel / Liam Poulton
14 Rhys James / Ian Jones
15 Jack East / Rhys James
16 Sam Mace / Noah Kyneston
17 Theo Espagnol
18 Spencer Cooper
19 Noah Kyneston / Aaron Pacha
20 AJ Kosemple / Tyler Buchanan
21 Jesse Kilgour / Tyler Driscol
22 Tyler Buchanan / Ben Logan
23 Tyler Driscol / Paddy Kirwin

Castaway Wanderers 26 v University Of Victoria 36 @ 14:30
Referee: Cole Pedrick AR1: Malcolm Klaver AR2: Claude Paterson
Venue: Windsor Park

CW were missing Gradyn Bowd at #10 and that seems to be a good predictor of their relative strength on match day. UVic will be feeling good about their form going into the University championships, they had fallen to #2 in the rankings behind UBC. We’ll see if the university coaches are influenced by this weekend’s result when the new rankings come out. In Week 5 CW will visit the Pride while UVic will be at the University tournament.


The 2-1 CW team host 1-2 UVic. CW were dominant in a win over Westshore last week while the Vikes narrowly lost to UBC.

CW are missing Gradyn Bowd this week, he’s made a huge difference in their results. Sion Griffiths is slotting in at #10 this week. Mike Fuailefau is back in the centres and teams up with Ollie Nott. Veteran Gord Kehoe moves from blindside to openside and Nik Hildebrand moves from prop to blindside flanker.

UVic have rotated their forwards around with players coming off the bench from last week for the start and some of the loose forwards rotating positions. The university championships start November 15th so this is the last match for the university teams to test their combinations. The backline looks fairly settled with the Gamage brothers at the halfback positions, Dylan Cleaver gets the start at inside centre opposite Mike Fuailefau, a good test for the young player. Graeme Norris comes off the bench for the start at wing.

A tough prediction with CW missing Bowd, how will they perform? UVic getting ready for the Unis, how will that affect their mindset?

Prediction: UVic by 2.


1 Brent Hamberg / Phoenix Moller
2 Jordy Auger / Jack Marshall
3 Owen Kokan
4 Muiredach Casey / Alex Gordon
5 Brendan Kim
6 Tucker Nadeau / Jaxson Jones
7 Henry Down / Tucker Nadeau
8 Jaxson Jones / Ryder Heaney-Corns
9 Chris Gamage
10 Alex Gamage
11 Lockhart MacGregor / Graeme Norris
12 Andrew Easson / Dylan Cleaver
13 Shane Rikley-Krindle
14 Morgan Di Nardo
15 Ethan Smith
16 Jack Marshall / Jordy Auger
17 Phoenix Moller / Brent Hamberg
18 Nic Willey
19 Alex Gordon / Henry Down
20 Ryder Heaney-Corns / Muiredach Casey
21 Graeme Norris / Lukas Okano
22 Dylan Cleaver / Andrew Easson
23 Marcus Lott


1 Gavin Kratz
2 Antonio Corbin / Jace Peters
3 Denver Fatt
4 Nat Dring
5 Tom Davidson
6 Gord Kehoe / Nik Hildebrand
7 Steve Pyke / Gord Kehoe
8 Mike Finnemore
9 Zech Pilgrim
10 Gradyn Bowd / Sion Griffiths
11 Josiah Morra / Gabriel Smith
12 Ollie Nott / Mike Fuailefau
13 Sion Griffiths / Ollie Nott
14 James Mitchell / Hugh Mager
15 Jack Shaw / James Mitchell
16 Jace Peters / Chris Carson
17 Chris Carson / Brandon Ng
18 Nik Hildebrand / Conor McKenzie
19 Conor McKenzie / Ayo Ogunlabe
20 Jack Wallace / Ben Peper
21 Matt Sutherland / Ray Robinson
22 Gabriel Smith / Keegan Hall
23 Hugh Mager / Marshall Stove

Capilano 19 v Westshore 26 @ 14:30
Referee: Benjamin Lambrick AR1: Jamie Dopson AR2: Ardy Farhangdoost
Venue: Klahanie Park

A happy day for Westshore, they had gone the last two seasons in the Premier league without a win. This season they find themselves at 1-2 and in 7th place, with a game in hand on other teams (except Burnaby) who have played four matches.  The Caps go to 0-4 and sit a point ahead of the Bays in 9th place.  Westshore were up 19-0, Caps stormed back, but Westshore closed it out with a late try. In Week 5 the Caps visit the Ravens while Westshore visit the Bays.


The 0-3 Caps host the 0-2 Westshore side. Last week Caps lost to Lomas and Westshore lost to CW. One of the teams will notch their first win of the season this weekend.

Caps are missing some of their experienced bench with Glenn McKinnon and Chris Robinson at the Classics in Bermuda. They’ll be playing Classic Ireland this evening. The 8,9,10 combination remains the same from last week, most of the backline have been shuffled with standout Johnny Franklin moving from inside to outside centre, Matt Nicol gets the start on the wing.

Westshore keep most of their forward pack together from last week with Emerson Prior getting the start at loosehead prop and Admir Cejvanovic taking his familiar #8 position. That moves Kenyan star Alvin Otieno, aka the Buffalo, out to the wing. A new #10, Payton Gibson, who has been leading the Reserves side to a winning record.

It’s been a long time since Westshore have won a Premier league match, they have some good players in the roster but until they start putting something in the W column they’ll go in as underdogs.

Prediction: Caps by 5.


1 James Ritzema
2 Jason DeFreitas
3 Jesse Ryan / Andrew Paton
4 Nick Pearce / Armin Teimoori
5 Armin Teimoori / Stephen Walsh
6 Logan Weidner / Ethan McCarthy
7 Flynn Heyes / Logan Weidner
8 Reid Brookes
9 Brandon Power
10 Mike Moloney
11 Josh Wang / Matt Nicol
12 Johnny Franklin / Ben Cameron
13 Cam Waddell / Johnny Franklin (C)
14 Mahyar Hosseini / Cam Waddell
15 Cam Perrin / Josh Wang
16 Ethan McCarthy / Jesse Ryan
17 Mackenzie Mills / Rich Merinsky
18 Andrew Paton / Marcos Merenyi
19 Tyler Wong / Oliver Winspear
20 Glen McKinnon / Theron Coetsee
21 Chris Robinson / Casey Paddock
22 Ben Cameron / Mahyar Hosseini
23 Sam Franklin / Tate O’Brien


1 Justin Tasse / Emerson Prior
2 Matt Evans
3 Kane Perrett
4 Matt Weir
5 Nathan Groenewold
6 Brian Waraba
7 Tom Heuser
8 Alvin Otieno / Admir Cejvanovic
9 Yuya Kimura
10 Johnstone Olindi / Payton Gibson
11 Darian Morrison / Nelson Oyoo
12 Jeff Oluoch / Liam Clark
13 Braedan Bespalko / Darian Morrison
14 Alex Mentiply / Alvin Otieno
15 Jacob Brown / Johnstone Olindi
16 Emerson Prior / Justin Tasse
17 Harrison Langi
18 Admir Cejvanovic / Daragh Carroll
19 Witt Nevins / Seth Recalma
20 Matt Oworu / Quinn Baak
21 Mitch Nuie
22 Liam Clark / Jeff Oluoch
23 Nelson Oyoo / Jake Brown

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