BC Rugby Weekend of November 5th 2022

BC Premier Week 2 Results: Ravens Over Bays; UBC Blast Burnaby; Lomas Upset Vikes; Caps Top Westshore; CW Sink Rowers; Seattle Default to Pride

Last week the average point differential was +8 points, it opened up this week to almost +15, helped by UBC’s late scoring surge.

On another note, congratulations to the Canadian women’s XVs team who put in a superb effort against the #1 team in the world in their narrow semi-final loss to England at the World Cup, best wishes in the Bronze medal match versus France.

It’s Week 2 of the BC Premier, last week the average differential over all matches was 8 points which indicates there’s some parity this season. The big news this week is Seattle defaulting their match with the Pride and going down to one team for the rest of the season, they won’t be eligible for the playoffs but matches against them still count in the standings.

James Bay 23 v UBCOB Ravens 38 @ 14:30

The Ravens continue to roll as the favourites this season. The +15 win sees them tied atop the standings with the Meralomas and the Pride as undefeated teams. The Bays go to 1-1. Next week the Ravens host CW and the Bays visit Burnaby.

A few changes for the Bays Kainoa Lloyd is called up to the Canada side and Ryan Boothroyd is promoted from the reserves. Shea Wakefield is missing from the starting XV and Mitch Young gets the start. Tiegan White also gets promoted from the bench to start at second row. The Bays started the season well with a road trip win over the Rowers.

The Ravens have made a few changes, Joe Sourisseau comes off the bench to replace Connor Sampson at loosehead, Don Carson moves from second row to #6 and James Carson takes second row, making it a Carson 4,5,6 combo. A big change sees Aaron McLelland move back to his former fullback role and Harry Boyd take the #10 spot. There’s no Andrew Coe this week as he’s with the Canada squad. One notable name on the bench is Sawyer Heron who was playing for CW in the Premier Regional competition, he can play hooker or centre. There’s no sign of former Canada 7s player Nick Allen this week.

The Ravens are early favourites to be in the finals, it would be a huge upset for the Bays to pull this one off at home. The Bays have been playing well under the new coaching staff, this will be stern test. Prediction: Ravens by 5.

1 Joe Sourisseau
2 Jesse Mackail
3 Tom Kaijaks
4 James Carson
5 Frank Carson
6 Don Carson
7 Matthew Bluck
8 Matt Chan
9 Alex Ball
10 Harry Boyd
11 Mark Wandeto
12 Noah Bain
13 Sean Pyle
14 Aga Ligamy
15 Aaron McLelland
16 David Carson
17 Keenan Kayser
18 Noah Porier
19 Noah King
20 Blain Meek
21 John John Tolton
22 Sawyer Heron
23 Henry Bibby

James Bay
1. Andrew McPherson
2. Jake Slobonian
3. Blake van Heyningan
4. Jimmy de Goede
5. Teigan White
6. Andrew Montgrand
7. Tom Richardson
8. Mitch Young
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Mitch Sora
11. Ryan Boothroyd
12. Tom Burton
13. Mostyn Findlay
14. Isaac Gonevou
15. Craig Mitchell-Herman
16. Valentin Lalot
17. Peter Reyes
18. Wyatt Pilz
19. TBD
20. TBD
21. Nate Tough
22. Mark Yuen
23. Henry Do

UBC 61 v Burnaby Lake 35 @ 14:30

The game was tied 21-21 at the half but UBC put on 40 second half points to give them a +26 victory. UBC go to 1-1 while Burnaby slip to 0-2. Next week Burnaby host James Bay while UBC travel to Seattle.

UBC lost to Ravens last week. They’ve made a few changes, their #8 Relmu Wilson – Valdes is not in the roster and Sol Jacques moves from openside to #8. Conor o’Flaherty comes off the bench to start at tighthead. James Biss gets the start at #10 with Max Abercrombie moving to the bench. Jacob Bourne is missing, likely representing Canada in Rugby League vs USA. Takoda McMullin moves from his usual centre position to start at fullback.

Burnaby lost to the Pride last week although they were leading for most of the match. They ran out of gas against a very fit team, they face a similar test this week. There’s only one change to the starting XV with Reid Watkins taking the starting #9 role with Ezequiel Rossetti not listed in the match day 23.

Two tough starts for Burnaby against the Pride then UBC. The match will likely be decided in the last quarter and depends on the pace of the match, a high pace game will benefit UBC, a slower pace will favour Burnaby. Although there’s heavy rains Friday, game day conditions are forecasted to be rain free. UBC at home go in as favourites. Prediction: UBC by 5.

1. Koen Buckingham
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Conor O’Flaherty
4. Caden Wilson
5. Izzak Kelly
6. Thomas Foote
7. Joshua Downes
8. Sol Jacques
9. Jack Carson
10. James Biss
11. Jared Andrews – Almack
12. Talon Mcmullin
13. Kieran Martin
14. Alastair Marshall
15. Takoda Mcmullin
16. Joshua Tweed
17. Payton Teneycke
18. Raymond Chou
19. Callum Arnesen
20. Alistair Bulman
21. Max Abercrombie
22. Max Birtley
23. TBA

1 Lalit Bharadwaj
2 Chase McCrum
3 Bryce Worden
4 Riley Fergus
5 Ethan Soden
6 Cooper Johnston
7 Connor McCann
8 Lucas Albornoz
9 Reid Watkins
10 Nolan Shelley
11 Jack Gelbart
12 Cole McQueen
13 Connor Byron
14 Jean Koorsten
15 Brian Fitzpatrick
16 Evan Mackey
17 Preston Petrovitch
18 Liem Jung
19 Dom Baptista
20 David Dinbandhu
21 Ethan Turner
22 Dean McMahon
23 Scott Barr

University Of Victoria 24 v Meraloma 35 @ 14:30

The Lomas are the surprise team early in the season. They’ve defeated two good teams so far, CW and the Vikes. They were 1-7 in the abbreviated 2022 spring season so have exceeded that already after two matches. Lomas go top of the table with UBC and Pride, UVic fall to 1-1. Next week the Vikes travel to the Rowers while the Lomas host Westshore.

The Vikes defeated last year’s semi-finalists, Capilano, on the road last week. This week they’ll have home field advantage. There’s some changes as the Vikes coaching staff get a look at players ahead of the University Championship which starts later this month. Phoenix Moller comes off the bench to start at loosehead prop, Kokan is moved to tighthead and Denver Fatt is put in the reserves. Karl Hare comes off the bench to start in the second row, loose forwards Marcus Lott and Clayton Miller get moved from the reserves to a starting role. It’s the same story for scrum half Chris Gamage who gets the start this week. Gabe Casey starts at outside centre after returning from a successful Canada ‘A’ performance against Brazil. Angus Boyd-Porter starts on the wing.

The Lomas are coming off an upset win over last year’s finalist, CW, at home. This week they’re on the road to UVic. There are only a few changes to last week’s lineup, De Wet van Niekerk starts at inside centre, Scott McGinley starts at hooker. Dewi Williams and Keith Graham start on the wings.

Both teams coming off impressive wins, UVic at home will be slight favourites. Prediction: Vikes by 2.

1 Phoenix Moller – Robert Bateman Secondary
2 Jack Marshall – Gonzaga High School
3 Owen Kokan – Point Grey Secondary
4 Karl Hare – Aberhart High School
5 Ayo Ogunlade – Brentwood College School
6 Marcus Lott – Okay Bay High School
7 Clayton Miller – Rockridge Secondary
8 Muiredach Casey – St. Michaels University School
9 Chris Gamage – Henry Wise Wood
10 Logan Martin-Feek – Claremont Secondary School
11 Graeme Norris – Shawnigan Lake School
12 Andrew Easson – Oakville Trafalger High School
13 Gabe Casey – Nepean High School
14 Angus Boyd-Porter
15 Ethan Hager – Brantford Collegiate Institute
16 George Piper-Arroliga
17 Denver Fatt – St. George’s School
18 Asfand Saeed
19 Liam Mitchell
20 Merlin M’Cloud – Montague Regional High
21 Jenner Teufel – Shawnigan Lake School
22 Shane Rikley-Krindle – Westwood High School
23 Ethan Smith – Carson Graham Secondary

1 Richie Barrett
2 Scott McGinley
3 Tom Dunne
4 Darragh Foley
5 Jim Mulvany
6 Harry Elbrow
7 Evan Galvin
8 Jalan Farris
9 Bayce Letherby
10 Tommy Viljoen
11 Dewi Williams
12 D.W. van Niekerk
13 Andy Cooper
14 Keith Graham
15 Louis Whelan
16 Mark Rickard
17 D Drost
18 M Graham-Shoad
19 Darcy Hinkley
20 J Willis
21 S Ryan
22 James McTurk
23 Jay Younger

Westshore 35 v Capilano 37 @ 14:30

A tight match won in the last minute by a Mike Moloney sideline conversion. Westshore go to 0-2 but pick up 2 bonus points in the loss, Caps go to 1-1. Next week Westshore travel to Lomas and Caps visit the Pacific Pride, the BCRU has that game listed in Surrey.

Caps lost to UVic in Week 1 at home, this week they take a trip to the Island. Captain Neil Courtney isn’t listed in the starting XV and is replaced by Mackenzie Mills at loosehead. Jesse Ryan at tighthead takes on the captain’s role. Joe Britt replaces Jack Rainer at second row, Cori Hamill comes off the bench to start at blindside. Veteran Chris Robinson comes off the bench to start at scrum half. Mike Moloney and Jeremy Simon again change roles with Moloney getting the start at #10 and Simon moving to fullback.

Westshore lost a close match on the road to Seattle last week. This is their first home game of the Premier season. Matt Evans at hooker and Admir Cejnovanic at #8 are back in the roster. Taylor McGuire moves from centre to get a debut at #10 while #10 Nicky Mouret moves to scrum half. Quinn Ngawati moves back to the centres from loose forward. Alvin Otieno moves from centre back to the wing position.

It should be a close match, based on the Premier Regional season and last season’s results, Caps will go in as slight favourites. Prediction: Caps by 3.

1 Mackenzie Mills
2 James Ritzema
3 Jesse Ryan (C)
4 Joe Britt
5 Nick Pearce
6 Cori Hamill
7 Jordan Harvey
8 Glen McKinnon
9 Chris Robinson
10 Mike Moloney
11 Josh Wang
12 Johnny Franklin
13 Eligh Papin
14 Cam Waddell
15 Jeremy Simon
16 Rich Merinsky
17 TBA
18 TBA
19 TBA
20 TBA
21 TBA
22 TBA

1 Nathan Groenewold
2 Matt Evans
3 Neil Hagerty
4 Adam Beaupre
5 Matt Weir
6 Aidan Holland (c)
7 Tom Heuser
8 Admir Cejnovanic
9 Nicky Mouret
10 Taylor McGuire
11 Alex Mentiply
12 Quinn Ngawati
13 Liam Clark
14 Alvin Otieno
15 Braedan Bespalko
16 Nathan Yue
17 Keating Teft
18 Tobias Berg
19 Brayden Gray
20 Peyton Eagar
21 Ryan Waldriff
22 Josh Nordstrom
23 Sawyer Shmyrko

Castaway Wanderers 26 v Vancouver Rowing Club 7 @ 14:30

A good defensive effort by CW limiting the Rowers to one try, that’s the best defensive stat so far this season. CW go to 1-1 and Rowers fall to 0-2. Next week CW visit the Ravens and the Rowers host UVic.

Three new players this week in the CW starting XV. John Braddock returns to loosehead, Jake Ilnicki comes in at tighthead and David Keta takes the outside centre spot. CW lost on the road to Lomas 32-19 last week and this will be their first home game on the BC Premier season.

The Rowers as usual don’t have their roster posted. They lost to James Bay 25-18 in their home opener and they take their first trip to the Island in the new season.

There’s heavy rain friday which may mean a soggy pitch on Saturday. It may be a forwards day in which case the return of two top props like Braddock and Ilnicki may tip the scales in favour of the home team. Prediction: CW by 3.

1 John Braddock
2 Alex Clark
3 Jake Ilnicki
4 Riley Ilnicki
5 Nick Carson
6 Matt Sutherland
7 Steve Pyke
8 Mike Finnemore
9 Ian Hickman
10 Jordan Tait
11 Pavlos Silvestros
12 Ollie Nott
13 David Keta
14 Gabriel Smith
15 Harry Elliot
16 Jace Peters
17 Gavin Kratz
18 Jack Sponarski
19 Nat Dring
20 Antonio Corbin
21 TBD
22 Mike Adibe
23 TBD


Pacific Pride v Seattle – Defaulted by Seattle

News out of the Premier is that Seattle has defaulted this match and have made arrangements to field one team this year, they will have no Reserve squad and hence won’t be eligible for the playoffs.

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