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BC U19 v Canada U19 Selects Rosters: Match Today at 1pm

The BCRU refers to the match as BC U19 vs Canada U19 Selects, others refer to it as BC U19 vs Canada U20. It’s likely a combination of U19/U20 players from the Canada U20 camp, which is taking place this week at Shawnigan, vs the BC U19 team. The match is taking place at 1pm today and will be streamed on the BCRU YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/bcrugbyunion

Here are the starting rosters for the teams. Note that Canada #1,3,6,7,9 are BC U19 players as well.

1. Joe McNulty
2. Ethan Lee
3. Peyton Teneyche
4. Logan Weidner
5. Relmu Wilson Valdez
6. Marcus Lott
7. Peiter Swart
8. Matt Klimchuk
9. Caleb Milette-Barker
10. James Biss
11. Sam Heyward
12. Talon McMullin
13. Takoda McMullin
14. Lukas Schek
15. Jack East

1. Alex Mccallum
2. Sully Curran
3. Beaudry Lemon
4. Caden Wilson
5. Muirdech Casey
6. Taine Clague
7. Sol Jaques
8. Brendan Kim
9. Jacob Merkur
10. Owain Cormack
11. Sam Brown
12. Kieran Martin
13. Liam Poulton
14. Alistair Marshall
15. Craig Mitchell-Hermann

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