BCRN Updates – July 2023

Change to Home Page – Twitter Feed Replaced by Facebook Feed – BCRN Facebook Page Relaunched

We had been using a Twitter feed for clubs on our home page, if your club was on our BCRN club list then you could tweet something out and it would show up on the BCRN home page. Well that, like many things on Twitter lately, stopped working this week.

So we’ve relaunched our BCRN Facebook page, which disappeared a few years ago, and added a FB widget on the home page. It doesn’t quite work the same way but if we share your FB post, then it will show up on the BCRN home page. So follow us on FB, tag us in a post you want shared, and if it’s rugby news, we’ll share it.

Facebook page URL is facebook.com/bcrugbynews

Twitter eh, Elon stop messing things up!

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