BC High School Rugby Championships 2024

BC High School Rugby Championships Start Next Wednesday: We Look at School Numbers and Regional Allocations

The BC High School Rugby Championships take place in a week’s time in Abbotsford for both boys and girls in both XVs and 7s. The XVs tournament takes place from Wednesday May 29th to Saturday June 1st, the 7s tournament takes place Thursday May 30th and Friday May 31st. The links to the schedule and the berthing document are listed below.

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1954 NZ All Blacks Tour to BC

1954 Tour Program – NZ All Blacks Visit BC for Matches vs Victoria, UBC, Mainland After 31 Games in UK, Ireland, France

In March 1954 the NZ All Blacks wrapped up a gruelling 36 match tour of the UK,  Ireland, France and North America. By the time they reached BC they had played 31 matches and had 5 more to go, 3 of them in BC and 2 in California. They won the matches in BC handily, 39-3 against Victoria, 42-3 against UBC and 37-11 against the Mainland.

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