From the Editor’s Desk – August 2023

Site Maintenance; In NZ for 2 Weeks; Thunder Tour Updates

A brief note to let readers know what’s going on. The server host decided to migrate the BCRN site to a “new and improved” server on last minute notice and in the process broke the site. The existing code didn’t work and I’ve been busy trying to rewrite some parts of the code to get everything working. You may have noticed BCRN down for a day or two. Making matters worse they migrated a week old database and we’re missing stories from August 5th to 11th. So if you thought there was a recent story but now can’t find it, that’s the reason. I’ll try to get that fixed over the next few weeks.

It couldn’t have happened at a worse time as I’m heading to NZ on Sunday with the Thunder Indigenous Youth tour and will be out of the office. I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks. I’ll continue to update the site from NZ but will be mostly focused on covering the tour, so expect a combination of NZ tour updates and regular rugby stories over the next couple of weeks, then it will be back to normal and focusing on the upcoming BC Rugby season starting in September (and the World Cup).

The Thunder are sending two U18 teams to NZ, boys and girls, playing games in Auckland, Taranaki and Manawatu plus spending some Academy time in the Bay of Plenty. It will be a great experience for the youth and I’ll try to capture some of that excitement and learning in upcoming articles.

Kia ora

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