From the Editor’s Desk – October 2023

We’re Moving the Site Tonight – Monday Morning New Look

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We’re moving the site Sunday night, expect a slightly new look on Monday morning.

The background, I created a site in 2004 using Coldfusion, I did Coldfusion programming so created a Content Management System (CMS) from scratch to upload stories, store them in a database and produce the website from the stories.

Fast forward to 2023 and Coldfusion hosting is difficult to find, we had problems with down time with our current hosts but there weren’t many hosts providing Coldfusion as an option. With the host renewal coming up this week I made the decision to move to a WordPress site, lots of hosts available, easier to maintain, and god forbid anything happened to me (I am 70 this year) no one would be able to maintain a Coldfusion site.

Here’s the catch, we have about 4,000 articles going back to 2004 and the database isn’t compatible with WordPress so we exported them to a .csv file and will import them to WordPress over time. I don’t think people read the old articles but Google will map them in the search engine when they’re up. The plan is to add about 1,000 a month, so we should have all the stories up, going back to 2004, in about four months. In the meantime we’ll restore the most recent articles first.

That’s it, if you just read the most recent articles you won’t notice much change except the layout. It will take a while for Google to find the new stories so if you click a Google (or Bing) search link you’ll find yourself on our 404 page where you can search for the article or find it in the Articles by Category. If it’s an old story, we may not have transferred it over yet.

So that’s it, see you on the new site Monday, any questions email

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