Men’s University Rugby Championship 2023

UBC Claim 5th University Championship Title In Dominating Win Over UVic

It wasn’t a result many would have predicted, a 41-7 one-sided match in the final. These two teams met twice in October with the Vikes winning one +5 and the T-Birds winning the other +6. There didn’t appear to be much between the teams.

UBC showed up mentally on the day, UVic didn’t. The first UBC try was a portent of things to come as the Vikes maul defence vanished as UBC scored their first try just four minutes into the 60 minute match. It didn’t get better for the Vikes, they scored a consolation try at the end after UBC had built a 41-0 lead.

The match report and tournament all-star teams are listed below. The match is archived on The Rugby Network.

In other action Guelph won the Bronze, 38-12 over Memorial. TWU claimed 5th, 27-24 over Queen’s. Ottawa was 7th, defeating Calgary 47-0.


The No. 1 UBC Thunderbirds used a dominating performance to outmatch the No. 2 Victoria Vikes on their way to an impressive 41-7 victory for their third straight Canadian Championship at the Canadian University Men’s Rugby Championship Sunday evening at the Willoughby Community Park Stadium at the Langley Events Centre in Langley, B.C.

Scoring for UBC were Alastair Marshall and Hillyard Carson with two tries each, Callum Arnesen, Jacob Bossi, and Niko Andrianos with a try each. While Takoda McMullin added three conversions for the Thunderbirds. Brendan Kim with a try and Alex Gamage with the conversion were the point scorers for the Vikes.


The Thunderbirds took quick control of the evening’s match with tries in the fifth minute by Arnesen and the 10th minute by Marshall to put UBC up 14-0. Victoria had opportunities to respond but were hurt by turnovers in the UBC end of the field. The Thunderbirds scored two more unconverted tries from Bossi in the 17th minute and Carson in the 24th minute, to finish the half up 24-0.

UBC continued their control of the match to start the second half. The Thunderbirds had a converted try from Carson in the 37th minute and an unconverted try from McMullin in the 47th minute to take a 36-0 lead. UBC’s Andrianos concluded the scoring for the Thunderbirds with a try in the 56 minute to put the Thunderbirds up 41-0. Victoria’s Brendan Kim got the Vikes on the board in the 59th minute, with Alex Gamage hitting the conversion to make the final 41-7 for the Thunderbirds.

First Half

UBC – Try, 7 Callum Arnesen, 4:45, 5-0

UBC – Con, 13 Takoda McMullin, 6:00, 7-0

UBC – Try, 14 Alastair Marshall, 9:25, 12-0

UBC – Con, 13 Takoda McMullin, 10:30, 14-0

UBC – Try, 2 Jacob Bossi, 16:00, 19-0

UBC – Try, 4 Hillyard Carson, 23:25, 24-0

Second Half

UBC – Try, 4 Hillyard Carson, 36:40, 29-0

UBC – Con, 13 Takoda McMullin, 38:05, 31-0

UBC – Try, 14 Alastair Marshall, 45:40, 36-0

UBC – Try, 24 Niko Andrianos, 55:00, 41-0

VIC – Try, 5 Brendan Kim, 58:00, 41-5

VIC – Con, 15 Alex Gamage, 59:16, 41-7


Victoria – 7

UBC – 41

Players of the Match

Victoria: 2 Jordy Auger

UBC: 3 Payton Teneycke

Tournament Awards

Spirit of Rugby – Memorial Sea-Hawks

Geddes – UBC: Relmu Wilson-Valdez

Tournament All-stars

First Team

1:  Owen Kokan – VIC

2:  Jacob Bossi – UBC

3:  Payton Teynekw – UBC

4: Hillyard Carlson – UBC

5: Owen Stirling – Guelph

6: Sol Jacques – UBC

7: Sam Tsoi – TWU

8: Relmu Wilson-Valdes – UBC

9: Stephen Webb – UBC

10: Brandon Black – Guelph

11: Morgan DiNardo – VIC

12: Talon McMullin – UBC

13: Takoda McMullin – UBC

14: Jack McCarthy – Memorial

15: Matthew Willemse – TWU

Second Team

1:  Connor Williams – Ottawa

2:  Jordy Auger – VIC

3:  Evan Roy – Ottawa

4: Merlin McLeod – VIC

5: Finbar Brown – Memorial

6: Kyle Saywood – Calgary

7: Seamus Goodyear – Memorial

8: Dan Svoboda – Queen’s

9: Adam Doyle – Queens

10: James Biss – UBC

11: Alastair Marshall – UBC

12: Jacob Ince – Guelph

13: Kobe Faust – Guelph

14: Lynden Duggan – TWU

15: Ben Beauchamp – UBC

UBC v UVic in Final of Canadian University Championship on Sunday

UBC and UVic will compete in the final of the Canadian University Men’s Rugby Championship on Sunday, UBC defeated Guelph in one semi-final and UVic defeated Memorial in the other.

The final matchup guarantees that a BC university will claim the title for a sixth consecutive year.

Match reports can be found on the tournament website and match replays can be viewed on The Rugby Network.

Championship semi-finals

UBC 30 – Guelph 10

First Half

GUE – Try, 13 Kobe Faust, 9:30, 0-5
GUE – Con, 11 Tomas Dallan, 10:35, 0-7
UBC – Try, 6 Sol Jaques, 13:20, 5-7
UBC – Con, 13 Takoda McMullin, 14:20, 7-7
UBC – PK, 13 Takoda McMullin, 17:40, 10-7
UBC – PK, 13 Takoda McMullin, 28:35, 13-7

Second Half

GUE – PK, 11 Tomas Dallan, 34:20, 13-10
UBC – Try, 11 Jared Andrews Almack, 36:05, 18-10
UBC – Try, 14 Alastair Marshall, 43:10, 23-10
UBC – Try, 6 Sol Jaques, 56:20, 28-10
UBC – Con, 13 Takoda McMullin, 57:20, 30-10

Players of the Match

Guelph: Kobe Faust
UBC: Jacob Bossi

UVic 47 – Memorial 19

First Half

VIC – Try, 7 Muiredach Casey, 9:15, 5-0
VIC – Con, 10 Rhys Patterson, 10:25, 7-0
MEM – Try, 14 Jared Gavin, 14:45, 7-5
MEM – Con, 15 James Clarke, 15:50, 7-7
MEM – Try, 11 Jack McCarthy, 24:20, 7-12
MEM – Con, 15 James Clarke, 24:50, 7-14
VIC – Try, 15 Alex Gamage, 26:15, 12-14
VIC – Try, 1 Phoenix Moller, 30:00, 17-14
VIC – Con, 10 Rhys Patterson, 30:00, 19-14

Second Half

VIC – Try, 1 Phoenix Moller, 35:10, 24-14
VIC – Con, 10 Rhys Patterson, 36:00, 26-14
MEM – Try, 16 Mudiwa Makanza, 40:45, 26-19
VIC – Try, 13 Shane Rikley-Krindle, 44:20, 31-19
VIC – Con, 10 Rhys Patterson, 45:20, 33-19
VIC – Try, 20 Ryder Heaney-Corns, 50:15, 38-19
VIC – Con, 10 Rhys Patterson, 51:00, 40-19
VIC – Try, 22 Logan Burt, 60:00, 45-19
VIC – Con, 10 Rhys Patterson, 60:00, 47-19

Players of the Match

Memorial: 9 Lucas Shortall
Victoria: 3 Owen Kokan

Consolation semi-finals

TWU 51 – Calgary 12

First Half

TWU – PK, 12 Guiseppe Du Toit, 2:15, 3-0
TWU – Try, 3 Tim Zimmer, 5:35, 8-0
TWU – Con, 12 Guiseppe Du Toit, 6:25, 10-0
TWU – Try, 14 Connor Bernardin, 17:45, 15-0
TWU – Con, 12 Guiseppe Du Toit, 18:50, 17-0
CGY – Try, 8 Colin Petrillo, 20:40, 17-5
TWU – Try, 3 Tim Zimmer, 28:15, 22-5
TWU – Con, 12 Guiseppe Du Toit, 29:15, 24-5
TWU – PK, 12 Guiseppe Du Toit, 30:00, 27-5

Second Half

TWU – Try 8 Nathaniel Schroeder, 36:30, 32-5
TWU – Con 12 Guiseppe Du Toit, 37:30, 34-5
TWU – Try 19 Joshua Olafsen, 44:40, 39-5
CGY – Try 24 Nicholas Irwin, 49:20, 39-10
CGY – Con 10 Max Therrian, 50:10, 39-12
TWU – Try 23 Liam Olafsen, 51:15,44-12
TWU – Try 26 Lynden Duggan, 60:00, 49-12
TWU – Con 12 Guiseppe Du Toit, 60:00, 51-12

Players of the Match

Calgary: 10 Max Therrien
Trinity Western: 8 Nathaniel Schroeder

Queen’s 14 – Ottawa 13

First Half

OTT – Try, 8 Andreas Dionisopoulos, 2:30, 5-0
QUE 14– Try, 8 Daniel Svobada, 6:15, 5-5
QUE – Con, 10 James Webb, 7:00, 5-7
OTT – PK, 13 Glenn Roy, 12:05, 8-7
QUE – try, 12 Eric Godden, 13:35, 8-14
QUE – Con, 10 James Webb, 14:40, 8-14

Second Half

OTT – Try, 10 Jamie Armstrong, 48:30, 13-14

Players of the Match

Queen’s: 14 Donovan Tran
Ottawa: James Webb

UBC Defeat Calgary 41-3 – Advance to Semi-Final vs Guelph on Friday

UBC stormed out to a 31-0 half time lead and then the 2nd half was a closer 10-3 contest for a final 41-3 score line.

The match had a similar vibe to the Vikes v Queen’s game where the dominant team went ahead and then lost focus in the 2nd half as subs came in and the game was already won.

For UBC the McMullin brothers were noticeable in the centres and the wings Alastair Marshall and Jared Andrews-Almack were dangerous in space. The Player of the Match for UBC went to Callum Arnesen the openside flanker

For Calgary, they played a physical game and kept UBC in check in the 2nd half. Their Player of the Match was Nicholas Tudhope.

First Half

UBC – Try 14 Alastair Marshall, 1:16, 5-0
UBC – Try 14 Alastair Marshall, 5:30, 10-0
UBC – Con 13 Takoda McMullin, 6:30, 12-0
UBC – Try 12 Talon McMullin, 11:10, 17-0
UBC – Con 13 Takoda McMullin, 12:05, 19-0
UBC – Try 11 Jared Andrews Almack, 20:45, 24-0
UBC – Try 12 Talon McMullin, 27:50, 29-0
UBC – Con 13 Takoda McMullin, 28:22, 31-0

Second Half

UBC – Try 2 Jacob Bourne, 33:20, 36-0
CGY – PK 10 Max Therrien, 41:20, 36-3
UBC – Try 27 Kieran Martin, 59:30, 41-3

UBC v Calgary Replay on The Rugby Network

Guelph Scores Try at the Whistle to Defeat TWU 12-10

TWU had the better of the 1st half with a couple of opportunities inside the Guelph 5 metres but couldn’t cross the line. They settled for 3 points which was the score at half time.

TWU went ahead 10-0 in the second half but Guelph were resilient and scored two tries, one at the whistle, to claim a 12-10 win and a trip to the semi-finals.

Both #10s were chosen Player of the Match, Brenden Black of Guelph and Matthew Willemse of TWU.

First Half

TWU – PK 10 Matthew Willemse, 21:10, 3-0

Second Half

TWU – Try 10 Matthew Willemse, 39:20, 8-0
TWU – Con 10 Matthew Willemse 40:30, 10-0
GUE – Try 10 Brenden Black, 46:55, 10-5
GUE – Con 11 Tomas Dallan, 47:45, 10-7
GUE – Try 13 Kobe Faust, 60, 10-12

Guelph v TWU Replay on The Rugby Network

Vikes Ride Dominant First Half to 40-19 Win Over Queen’s

The Vikes were dominant in the first half running up a 33-0 score with 5 tries. The Vikes fell asleep a little in the second half and were outscored 19-7 by Queen’s for a 40-19 final score.

For the Vikes Shane Rikley-Krindle had some strong runs from his outside centre position in the first half, Riley di Nardo showed why he’s making a name for himself in 7s with a brilliant solo try. The Vikes scrum was dominant throughout the match and Merlin M’Cloud was selected as the Vikes Player of the Match.

For Queen’s, they showed great fight back to win the second half. Daniel Svoboda stood out at #8 and Alexander Pipchuk at openside flanker won the Queen’s Player of the Match.

First Half

VIC – Try, 6 Muiredach Casey, 3:45, 5-0
VIC – Con, 15 Alex Gamage, 4:00, 7-0
VIC – Try, 9 Ethan Smith, 6:15, 12-0
VIC – Try, 2 Jordy Auger, 11:45, 17-0
VIC – Con, 15 Alex Gamage, 12:35, 19-0
VIC – Try, 14 Morgan Di Nardo, 22:40, 24-0
VIC – Con, 15 Alex Gamage, 23:45, 26-0
VIC – Try, 9 Ethan Smith, 26:05, 31-0
VIC – Con, 15 Alex Gamage, 26:40, 33-0

Second Half

QUE – Try, 19 Deklan Williamson, 35:50, 33-5
QUE – Con, 10 James Webb, 36:40, 33-7
VIC – Try, 13 Shane Rikley-Krindle,39:00 38-7
VIC – Con, 15 Alex Gamage, 40:00, 40-7
QUE – Try, 7 Alexander Pipchuk, 41:00, 40-12
QUE – Try, 25 Evan Raymond, 52:30, 40-17
QUE – Con, 10 James Webb, 53:10, 40-19

Vikes v Queen’s Replay on The Rugby Network

#6 Memorial Upset #3 Ottawa in First Game of University Championships

The University of Ottawa looked to be on their way to victory early in the match as they scored two tries and went up 14-0 in the first half.

A yellow card to Ottawa for a head to head collision in the tackle turned out to be a momentum changer as Memorial University roared back with two tries with the man advantage to tie the game at 14-14. Ottawa regained their composure and scored one more try before the half to go into the half time break ahead 21-14.

It was Memorial who dominated the 2nd half however, scoring 3 consecutive tries to win the match 33-21.

For Memorial Pat Parfrey, the veteran flyhalf, kept the team on track with good distribution and decision making. The brothers, Mudiwa Makanza at hooker and Mwaita Makanza at flanker provided a physical presence and winger Jack McCarthy was dangerous with ball in hand.

For Ottawa, their flyhalf, Jamie Armstrong had a strong match on both sides of the ball. Their #8, Andreas Dionisopoulos, kept the ball going forward and prop, Evan Roy, was a key part of their pick and go game, scoring Ottawa’s 3rd try.

Jack McCarthy was selected as the Memorial player of the match and Evan Roy was selected as Ottawa player of the match.

First Half

OTT – Try, 12 Graeme Neill Klein, 1’ 5-0
OTT – Con, 13 Glenn Roy, 1:50 7-0
OTT – Try, 4 Wade Marshall, 13:30 12-0
OTT – Con, 13 Glenn Roy, 14:35, 14-0
MEM – Try, 15 James Clarke, 22:10, 14-5
MEM – Con, 15 James Clarke, 23:20, 14-7
MEM – Try, 11 Jack McCarthy, 25:50, 14-12
MEM – Con, 15 James Clarke, 26:50, 14-14
OTT – Try, 3 Evan Roy, 30:00, 19-14
OTT – Con, 13 Glenn Roy, 30:00, 21-14

Second Half

MEM – Try, 6 Mwaita Makanza, 36:16, 21-19
MEM – Con, 15 James Clarke, 37:30, 21-21
MEM – Try, 15 James Clarke, 42:00, 21-26
MEM – Con, 15 James Clarke, 43:15, 21-28
MEM – Try, 1 Stephen Mallard, 54:50, 21-33
MEM – Con missed, 56:00

Memorial v Ottawa Replay on The Rugby Network

Men’s University Championship Kicks Off on Wednesday, November 15th

UBC look to defend their title at the 6th Canadian University Men’s Rugby Championship (CUMRC). The event is hosted by TWU and matches will be live streamed on The Rugby Network.

UBC are top seeded despite being ranked below UVic in the BC Premier league. UBC did win the last match against UVic by 6 points. UVic are ranked 2nd and the other BC team and host, TWU, are ranked 5th.

Last year UVic were defeated by TWU in the first round and finished 5th, TWU finished 4th while UBC claimed their 4th title (2017, 2018, 2021, 2022). UVic claimed the title in 2019. The competition was started in 2017 but COVID caused the cancellation of the 2020 event.

2023 CUMRC Seeding

#1 – UBC Thunderbirds (BC1)

#2 – Victoria Vikes (BC2)

#3 – Ottawa Gee-Gees (RSEQ Champion)

#4 – Guelph Gryphons (OUA Champions)

#5 – Trinity Western Spartans (BC3)

#6 – Memorial Sea-Hawks (Atlantic Champion)

#7 – Queen’s Gaels (OUA Finalist)

#8 – Calgary Dinos (Prairies Champion)

2023 CUMRC Schedule

Wednesday | Nov. 15

11 a.m. #3 Ottawa vs. #6 Memorial

2 p.m. #2 Victoria vs. #7 Queen’s

5 p.m. #4 Guelph vs. #5 Trinity Western

7:30 p.m. #1 UBC vs #8 Calgary

Friday | Nov. 17

11:00AM – Consolation Semifinal

2:00PM – Consolation Semifinal (TWU match if TWU loses its quarter-final)

5:00PM – Semifinal (TWU match if TWU wins its quarter-final)

7:30PM – Semifinal

Sunday | Nov. 19

9:00AM – 7th Place Match

11:30AM – 5th Place Match

2:00PM – Bronze Medal Match

5:00PM – Gold Medal Match

Team Rosters


Emmett Allan Flanker/Hooker
Jared Andrews Almack Wing
Niko Andrianos Wing
Callum Arnesen Back Row
Ben Beauchamp Fullback/Wing
James Biss Fly Half
Jacob Bossi Hooker
Jacob Bourne Fullback/Wing
Koen Buckingham Prop
Hillyard Carson Second Row
Raymond Chou Hooker
Sandon Gupta Back Row
Sol Jaques Back Row
Liam Kinghorn Back Row
Ethan Lee Back Row
Alastair Marshall Wing
Kieran Martin Centre
Ben Martin Scrum-Half
Takoda McMullin Centre
Talon McMullin Centre
Joe McNulty Forward
Marco Mitchell Centre
Thor Noble Prop
Payton Teneycke Prop
Stephen Webb Scrum-Half
Relmu Wilson-Valdes Back Row


Jordy Auger Hooker
Muiredach Casey Lock
Dylan Cleaver Inside Back
Morgan Di Nardo Outside Back
Henry Down Back Row
Andrew Easson Inside Back
Alex Gamage Inside Back
Chris Gamage Scrum Half
Alex Gordon Lock
Brent Hamberg Prop
Ryder Heaney-Corns Back Row
Jaxson Jones Back Row
Brendan Kim Lock
Owen Kokan Prop
Marcus Lott Outside Back
Lockhart MacGregor Outside Back
Jack Marshall Hooker
Merlin M’Cloud Lock
Phoenix Moller Prop
Tucker Nadeau Back Row
Graeme Norris Outside Back
Lucas Okano Back Row
Rhys Patterson Inside Back
Shane Rikley-Krindle Outside Back
Ethan Smith Scrum Half
Nic Willey Prop


Connor Williams Prop
Zach Auger Hooker
Evan Roy Prop
Logan Harris Second Row
Wade Marshall Second Row
Ali Awada Flanker
Connor Billo Flanker
Andreas Dionisopoulos 8 Man
Lewis Shiels Scrum Half
Jamie Armstrong Flyhalf
Aidan Gregoire Winger
Graeme Neill Klein Center
Glenn Roy Center
Matt Robinson Winger
Gordie Evans Fullback
Donovan Tran Winger
Sean Biryukov Prop
Lucas Dingwall Prop
Mark Mikaya Hooker
Ryan Plunkett Flanker
James Blacker Second Row
Ben Holahan Utility Back
Alexandre Lafleur Fullback
Jack Chouinard Flanker
Yenam Zouzoua 8-Man
Will Corry Winger


Oliver Alpe Scrum Half
Brenden Black Fullback
Matthew Breen Fullback
Benjamin Clack Flanker
Rhys Collins Lock
Ewen Curry Scrum Half
Tomas Dallan Winger
Michael Di Lella Prop
Ty Easton Fly half
Kobe Faust Center
Quinn Foley Lock
Adam Ford Lock
Joshua Henry Fullback
Gordon Hutchison Prop
Joshua Ince Centre
Jacob Ince Centre
Troy Larmer Lock
Daniel Luciani Wing
Connor McKinney Flanker
Jack Morris Wing
Augustus Murphy Front row
Seth Powell Prop
David Scollon Hooker
Dylan Shaw Hook
Owen Stirling Lock
Owen Williams Flanker


Benjamin Graci Prop
Joseph Goroza Hooker
Grayson Hardie Prop
Kin San Sam Tsoi Back Roq
Joshua Halladay Lock
Genaro Gandolfo Brignoli Flanker/8 Man
Caleb van Til Flanker
Nathaniel Schroeder Flanker/8 Man
Jan-Hendrik Lourens Scrum Half
Matthew Willemse Fullback
Connor Gibbons Wing/Fullback
Guiseppe Du Toit Centre
Fynn Murphy Centre
Lynden Duggan Wing
Josiah Levale Fly Half/Centre
Seth Klassen Hooker
Timothy Zimmer Prop
Favour Olaniyan Prop
Martin Zubiri Lock
Kyle Finan Flanker
Brady Howlett Scrum Half
Connor Bernardin Wing
Collin Lagat Centre/Flyhalf
Liam Olafsen Fullback
Joshua Olafsen Hooker
Benjamin Tindall Prop


Stephen Mallard Prop
Mudiwa Makanza Hooker
Simbarashe Mandoza Prop
Evan MacKenzie Lock/BR
Finbar Browne Lock/BR
Alexander Wiscombe flanker
Mwaita Makanza flanker
Seamus Goodyear #8
Lucas Shortall 9/10
Patrick Parfrey 10
Jack McCarthy wing/center
John Stanley Cook center
Sam Newhook center
Charles Walsh wing/center
James Clarke 15/10
Sam Power Hooker
Carter Norman Prop
Evan Martin Prop
James Noftall Lock/BR
Tadiwanashe Ditima flanker
Liam Whiteway 9
Logan Burt wing/center
Jared Gavin wing
Sebastian Cook wing/9


Cameron Bubyn Hooker
Simon Burns Lock
Michael Chapman Hooker
Marcus D’Acre Centre
Adam Doyle Scrum Half
Aidan Emmens Prop
Dennis Gianacopoulos Back Row/ Lock
Connor Gittens Scrum Half
Eric Godden Centre
Benjamin Greenstein Back 3
Connor Hay Lock
James Hohmann Wing
Trekker James Wing
Charles Knapp Dick Prop
Owen Lee Wing
Cameron Lyman Fly half/ Full back
Jacob Merkur Full Back
Tao Nichol Back Row
Alexander Pipchuk Flanker
Allister Poulos Back Row
Evan Raymond Lock
Daniel Svoboda No 8
Neil Trainor Prop/ Hooker
James Webb Fly half
Deklan Williamson Prop
Clancy Wood-Hodgins Flanker


Connor Stalwick Prop
Yongseok Lee Hooker
Connor Nelson Hooker
Easton Berner Back Three
Colin Petrillo 8
Kamis Al-Ashaki Prop/Hook
Karim Elizondo Flank
Liam Kehoe Fly Half
Wesley Demers Flanker
Fawaz Malik Centre
Terry Fu Wing
Ben Ingimundson Lock/Flank
Marshall Wells Centre
Steven Sheppard Prop
Kevin Rothe Centre
Steven Poon Centre
Akihito Takimoto Scrumhalf/Wing
Nicholas Irwin Lock/Flank
Max Penny Lock/Flank
Max Therrien Fly-Half
Nicholas Tudhope Wing/Flank
Edward Nelson Front Row
Lane Bowker Scrumhalf/Wing
Kyle Saywood Bacl row
Shea Murphy Second Row
Alex Scurfield Fullback/center
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