MLR 2023 – Week 5

MLR Week 5 Wrapup – 29 Canadians in Rosters – 15 Starting: San Diego Top in West: New England Lead East

San Diego went top of the West with their win over Atlanta but Seattle had a bye and have a game in hand. Seattle are the only undefeated team in the league. In the East it’s New England who go clear at the top with their defeat of New York and Atlanta’s loss to San Diego.

There were 29 Canadians in action with 15 getting the start. There were a couple of teams without Canadian representation including Utah and Old Glory.

There’s only one Canadian who has started all 5 weeks, that’s Andrew Coe, as New York haven’t had a bye week yet. There are a number of other players who have started for their team every week, they include Cole Keith of New England, Mason Flesch, Lucas Rumball, Ross Braude, Mitch Richardson, Ciaran Breen of Toronto.

New Orleans Gold 37 – Utah Warriors 14
The Gold Mine

Eric Howard New Orleans Gold R

Rugby ATL 10 – San Diego Legion 35
Silverbacks Park

Matt Heaton Rugby Atlanta S
Seth Purdey Rugby Atlanta R

Djustice Sears-Duru San Diego Legion

Old Glory DC 29 – Toronto Arrows 3
Segra Field

Mason Flesch Toronto Arrows S
Lucas Rumball Toronto Arrows S
Ross Braude Toronto Arrows S
Mitch Richardson Toronto Arrows S
Ciaran Breen Toronto Arrows S
Jack McRogers Toronto Arrows R
Tyler Rowland Toronto Arrows S
Mike Sheppard Toronto Arrows S
Adrian Wadden Toronto Arrows S
Nik Hildebrand Toronto Arrows R
James O’Neill Toronto Arrows R
Owain Ruttan Toronto Arrows R
Kobe Faust Toronto Arrows R
Avery Oitomen Toronto Arrows R

Chicago Hounds 24 – Dallas Jackals 22
SeatGeek Stadium

Lindsey Stevens Chicago Hounds S

Liam Murray Dallas Jackals R
Kyle Steeves Dallas Jackals R

Rugby New York 18 – New England Free Jacks 33
Mount Vernon Memorial Stadium

Quinn Ngawati New York Ironworkers R
Andrew Coe New York Ironworkers S

Cole Keith New England Free Jacks S
Spencer Jones New England Free Jacks R
Foster DeWitt New England Free Jacks R
Andrew Quattrin New England Free Jacks S
Conor Keys New England Free Jacks S
Ben LeSage New England Free Jacks S

Player Spreadsheet Week 5 Update (click on image to enlarge)

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