MLR 2023 – Week 8

MLR Week 8 Wrapup: 31 Canadians in Action, 17 Starters, 14 Reserves; San Diego Leads West, New England Tops East

There were 31 Canadians in action in the MLR this week, 17 starters and 14 reserves. San Diego displaced Seattle at the top of the Western Conference while New England continue to lead the Eastern Conference.

Three Canadians have reached 7 starts this year, Lucas Rumball and Ross Braude for Toronto and Andrew Coe for New York.

New England 31 – Chicago 19

Chicago had no Canadian representation but New England had 3 starters and 3 reserves. Foster Dewitt scored a try for New England and Ben Lesage was the top ball carrier for the Free Jacks with 123m and Spencer Jones was second at 72m.

Spencer Jones New England Free Jacks S
Foster DeWitt New England Free Jacks R
Andrew Quattrin New England Free Jacks S
Conor Young New England Free Jacks R
Ethan Fryer New England Free Jacks R
Ben LeSage New England Free Jacks S

New York 29 – Toronto 27

There was a lot of Canadian representation in this match with 11 starters and 7 reserves. D’Shawn Bowen, released from the 7s program, scored 3 tries in his MLR debut. Lucas Rumball also scored a try for Toronto. Andrew Coe notched a try for NY. D’Shawn Bowen was the top ball carrier for Toronto with 164m, Ross Braude was second with 109m. Andrew Coe was 3rd on the NY list with 165m and Quinn Ngawati was fourth with 140m. James O’Neill was second on the tackle count for Toronto with 19 tackles.

Lucas Rumball Toronto Arrows S
Ross Braude Toronto Arrows S
Mitch Richardson Toronto Arrows S
Jack McRogers Toronto Arrows R
Mike Sheppard Toronto Arrows S
Adrian Wadden Toronto Arrows S
Shane O’Leary Toronto Arrows S
Nik Hildebrand Toronto Arrows R
Hank Stevenson Toronto Arrows R
James O’Neill Toronto Arrows S
Owain Ruttan Toronto Arrows S
Dawson Fatoric Toronto Arrows R
Will Grant Toronto Arrows R
D’Shawn Bowen Toronto Arrows S
Peter Nelson Toronto Arrows R
Marc Antoine Ouellet Toronto Arrows R

Quinn Ngawati New York Ironworkers S
Andrew Coe New York Ironworkers S

Atlanta 35 – DC 27

There were 5 Canadian players in the match 2 starting, 3 reserves. Grady Bowd notched a penalty when he came off the bench. Matt Heaton was 5th on the tackle list for Atlanta with 7 tackles.

Matt Heaton Rugby Atlanta S
George Barton Rugby Atlanta S
Seth Purdey Rugby Atlanta R

Cali Martinez Old Glory DC R
Gradyn Bowd Old Glory DC R

San Diego 23 – Seattle 20

There were 2 Canadians in the match, 1 starter and 1 reserve.

Nakai Penny Seattle Seawolves S

Djustice Sears-Duru San Diego Legion R

Utah 30 – Houston 24

There were no Canadians in the match.

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