MLR All Star Teams

MLR Release All Star Team With 2nd Team and Honourable Mentions

MLR have released their all-star team and runners up. They released a 1st team, 2nd team and Honorable Mention. It’s interesting to note where the best players are from, here is a breakdown by country.

5 Australia top picks, 10 overall
4 USA top picks, 13 overall
3 Canada top picks, 3 overall
1 South Africa top pick, 6 overall
1 Namibia top pick, 1 overall
1 Argentina top pick, 3 overall
6 NZ overall
1 Fiji overall
1 Ireland overall
1 England overall

Here is a breakdown by position:

#1 – USA, South Africa, New Zealand
#2 – Australia, USA, USA
#3 – USA, USA, Australia
#4 – USA, South Africa, South Africa,
#5 – South Africa, Australia, Australia
#6 – Australia, Argentina, Argentina
#7 – Canada, New Zealand, Australia
#8 – Namibia, USA, USA
#9 – Australia, New Zealand, USA
#10 – Australia, New Zealand, New Zealand
#11 – Canada, South Africa, USA
#12 – Australia, Ireland, South Africa
#13 – Canada, Australia, USA
#14 – Argentina, Fiji, USA
#15 – USA, England, New Zealand

Canada have three 1st picks but none in the 2nd team or honourable mentions. Lucas Rumball at flanker and Ben LeSage at outside centre, both playing for Toronto, are co-captains of the Canadian team, no surprise there. DTH on the wing, representing the LA team, is retired from international rugby and hasn’t indicated any change in that status.

The USA have four top picks and thirteen overall. They’re strong in the tight five where they have three top picks and six selections overall. A point to note as the Canada v USA world cup qualifier looms ahead in September.

Australia have the most number of 1st picks with five. Also worth noting the “skill” positions of 9/10 are dominated by Australia and New Zealand.

What do you think the all-star selections reveal about the MLR as a feeder system into the Canadian and USA national teams?

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