Super Rugby Americas 2023

Super Rugby Americas to Kick Off on February 18th: Includes a North American Team For First Time

Super Rugby Americas, the redesigned SLAR competition, is set to kick off on February 18th with a North American team in the competition for the first time. The American Raptors out of Glendale, Colorado will compete along with teams from Argentina (2), Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Paraguay.

SLAR, Superliga Americana de Rugby, kicked off in 2020 but due to COVID was shut down after two rounds. The Jaguares XV from Argentina won the title in 2021 and Penarol from Uruguay won the title in 2022. Three countries with teams in the competition are going to the 2023 World Cup, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

It was rumoured at one point that the Pacific Pride would be involved, and represent Canada, but that didn’t come to fruition.


American competition, with teams from the south and north of the continent. New name and new logo.

The participating franchises will be:

Peñarol Rugby, the last champion
Dogos XV
Cobras Brazil XV
Yakare XV
American Raptors

45 games, including semifinals and final. It will be played at home and away in seven cities It will begin on February 18, 2023. Semifinals and final at venue to be defined. The final will be on June 9, 2023. All matches live on ESPN and Star+.

The former American Rugby Super League (SLAR) will take the new name of Super Rugby Americas.

The renewed continental competition will bring the ‘best rugby in America’, with the participation of outstanding players from the seven countries involved.

It will also be extremely useful in preparing the three teams from the continent, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, that will compete in Rugby World Cup 2023.

Super Rugby Americas will begin on February 18 and will end on June 9. There will be seven franchises with the emphasis placed on the development of the players for the benefit of the national teams of each participating country. Colombian players will also participate in the continental tournament. For South America there will be, for the first time, two franchises from Argentina, and one from Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay; For North America, American Raptors, based in Glendale, will play.

The competition format will be the traditional one of all against all, playing home and away games, with 42 games in the regular phase. The semifinals and the grand final, to be played on June 9, will be held at a venue to be defined in due course.

The participating teams

The following will participate in Super Rugby Americas 2023:

Pampas, in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Dogos XV, in the City of Córdoba (Argentina)
Cobras Brasil XV, in São Paulo (Brazil)
Selknam, in Santiago (Chile)
Yakare XV, in Asunción (Paraguay)
American Raptors, in Glendale, Colorado (United States)
Peñarol Rugby, in Montevideo (Uruguay)


The entire tournament will be broadcast live on ESPN/Star+, the official broadcaster of Super Rugby Americas.

The logo

The Super Rugby Americas logo is an adaptation of the international Super Rugby brand, from SANZAAR, with graphic elements typical of the American continent.

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