Vancouver Highlanders

Vancouver Highlanders – March 2024

Highlanders Add 2 More Players #20 Griffin Phillipson and #21 Hayden Mulgrew, 2 More Reserve Players Theo Espagnol and Jacob Bourne; Also Announce Updated Website

The Highlanders have been moving along in announcing their roster and reserves, they have 21 players named and 6 reserves to date. Their website now has the team lists and the schedule.

The schedule so far looks like this, June 28th vs Barbados and Canada Selects (a double header), July 20th Germany, August 3rd Brazil XV, August 17th Canada XV. There’s no mention of venues yet and the tickets sales are “coming soon”.

The team roster is listed below as well as the latest announcements from social media.

Vancouver Highlanders (21)

James Biss, Jacob Bossi, D’Shawn Bowen, Paul Ciulini, Thomas Davidson, Matthew Klimchuk, Sam Mace, Takoda McMullin, Talon McMullin, Melani Nanai, Ollie Nott, Conor O’Flaherty, Jake Thiel, Josh Thiel, Alastair Marshall, Payton Teneycke, Caden Wilson, Reid Watkins, Lenny Bonduau, Griffin Phillipson, Hayden Mulgrew

Reserves (6)
Ben Beauchamp, Taine Clague, Simeon John, Keegan Neary, Theo Espagnol, Jacob Bourne

Head Coach: Tom Larisch.
Defence Coach: Bill Chamberlain.

Griffin Phillipson

Hayden Mulgrew

Theo Espagnol

Jacob Bourne

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