Vancouver Highlanders Updates – March 2024

Highlander Updates: Lenny Bonduau 19th Signing; Taine Clague Added to Reserves; Canadian Press Writes Article; Barbados Media Covers Signing

The Highlanders announced their 19th signing, Lenny Bonduau, a UBC player who plays fullback or wing. He was on the BC U19 team in 2023, the Canada U18 team in 2022 and was also on the BC High School 7s All Tournament team in the spring of 2022.

The Highlanders also announced Taine Clague as part of their Reserve team.

The bigger news for the Highlanders now is the amount of press coverage they’re getting. Neil Davidson recently wrote an article for Canadian Press which marks a milestone in their progress.

Also one of their Reserve players, Simeon John, had an article written in the Barbados media.

Vancouver Highlanders

James Biss, Jacob Bossi, D’Shawn Bowen, Paul Ciulini, Thomas Davidson, Matthew Klimchuk, Sam Mace, Takoda McMullin, Talon McMullin, Melani Nanai, Ollie Nott, Conor O’Flaherty, Jake Thiel, Josh Thiel, Alastair Marshall, Payton Teneycke, Caden Wilson, Reid Watkins, Lenny Bonduau


Ben Beauchamp, Taine Clague, Simeon John, Keegan Neary.

Head Coach: Tom Larisch.

Defence Coach: Bill Chamberlain.


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