World Rugby Updates – October 2023

World Rugby Officially Announces La Vila International Rugby Cup with Spain, Brazil, Canada, USA

Knowledge of the tournament was already out in the public domain last week but World Rugby just announced it officially today.

Spain seem to be embracing rugby more lately, and World Rugby seems to be pushing the sun, fun, rugby theme more. Recall that Spain was the first venue announced for the “new and improved” 7s series that World Rugby rolled out, the 7s series finale will be held in Madrid in June.

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Rugby Canada Updates – October 2023

Rugby Canada Extends Kingsley Jones Contract for Two Years – Reaction from the Rugby Community

[editor’s comments below]

You know the joke, an American, an Irishman and a Welshman walk into a bar – the punch line of the joke is Rugby Canada. An American CEO backed by World Rugby money, hires an Irish High Performance Director who extends the contract of a Welsh coach. A coach who oversaw Canada not making the World Cup for the first time in Rugby World Cup history, losing to USA, Uruguay and Chile. A coach who hasn’t been able to get the top European professionals to commit to playing for Canada. A coach who has seen the morale of the men’s XVs program at an all time low and long time supporters walk away from the game in disbelief at Rugby Canada’s decision making.

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BC Rugby Weekend of October 14th 2023

BC Premier Week 1 Vikes Upset UBC; CW Dominate Bays; Burnaby Edge Caps; Pride Crush Spartans; Lomas Ground Ravens: Results and Rosters

Note: A couple of well loved and prominent members of the BC Rugby community passed last week, Kevin “Lunk” Wirachowski from Velox/Westshore and Ken Peace from Abbotsford. There will likely be a moments silence at some matches this weekend to honour and remember them. More info can be found on the respective club facebook pages, Westshore and Abbotsford.

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RWC 2023 – Quarter Final Updates

Quarter Finals Set for October 14th & 15th: Thoughts on RWC to Date?

[editor’s comments below]

I’d like to hear readers thoughts on the World Cup to date also your predictions.

Below are my thoughts, plus the latest World Rugby media release is posted below.

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BC Rugby News

From The Editor’s Desk – October 2023

From The Editor’s Desk – Collegiate Rugby Webinar with Adam Roberts; Men’s XVs Matches in November; Rugby World Cup to 24 Teams in 2027; Kingsley Jones Contract Extension?

There are a variety of rugby topics coming across the Editor’s desk in the last couple of days. We’ll start with something local.

Collegiate Webinar

Adam Roberts runs an annual Collegiate Rugby Webinar where he puts together rugby athletes in the grade 10 to 12 age group (and their families) with university rugby programs. He also brings in a College Rugby Advisory consultant to explain the landscape. The poster below has the details, he’s adding more university programs but currently UBC, UVic, TWU, UBCO, Western Washington, Central Washington, Guelph, UPEI are signed up.

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Kamloops Youth 7s 2023

MacDowell Rugby Wins U18 Boys Elite; CW Win Girls U18 Elite – List of Top 3 in Each Division

MacDowell Rugby Academy operating out of Cowichan High School won the Boys U18 Elite competition over the weekend, defeating a team from Okotoks Alberta. In the Girls U18 Elite it was Oak Bay’s Castaway Wanderers who took top honours defeating Abbotsford. The top 3 in each division are listed below and the full results are at

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