BC Premier – 2nd Half

BC Men’s Premier Resumes This Weekend – Women’s Premier Kicks Off

With the second half of the season starting this weekend, it seemed a good idea to do an early preview/review article. Our usual prediction article will be on Friday once we have the rosters in.

Men’s Premier

The men’s Premier resumes this weekend after taking the Dec/Jan winter break. Here are this weekend’s match ups. The current standings are appended below. The Pride are the only undefeated side at 4-0, there are five teams at 3-1.

Friday 3rd February

Pacific Pride v UBC RFC @ 5pm
Venue: Starlight Stadium
Referee: Julianne Zussman AR1: Malcolm Klaver AR2: Andrew Owen

Saturday 4th February

Burnaby Lake v Seattle @ 2:30pm
Venue: Burnaby Lake Rugby Club
Referee: David Smortchevsky AR1: Kristine Lovatt AR2: Thomas Cooper

Capilano v UBCOB Ravens @ 2:30pm
Venue: Klahanie Park
Referee: Benjamin Lambrick AR1: Riley Robinson AR2: Mark Abercrombie

Castaway Wanderers v University Of Victoria @ 2:30pm
Venue: Windsor Park
Referee: Cole Pedrick (Pending) AR1: Malcolm Klaver AR2: Carter Haddow

Vancouver Rowing Club v Meraloma @ 2:30pm
Venue: Brockton Oval
Referee: Nathaniel Hight AR1: Doug Thorpe AR2: Kevin Heieis

Westshore v James Bay @ 2:30pm
Venue: Juan De Fuca
Referee: Derek Horton AR1: Michael Moss AR2: Visiting Referee 2 (Pending)

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Women’s Premier

The women’s Premier kicks off this weekend, the fall season was used for exhibition matches and regional games.

There are six teams in the league, the BCRU table below might be a rough preseason ranking. CW made the final last season and should be strong, likely favourites this season. UBC aka Vancouver Thunderbirds won the title last year but have lost a number of graduating players. Capilano also will have a strong team. Westshore are a bit of an unknown as they’ve had some turnover in coaching from last season and their national team players weren’t available in the World Cup year. More will be known once the rosters are available. Seattle usually have a competitive side. Burnaby are coming up from Div 1 last season.

There are only two matches this weekend, so the complete picture on playing strength won’t be known until after Week 2.

Burnaby Lake v Seattle @ 12:45pm
Venue: Burnaby Lake Rugby Club
Referee: Kristine Lovatt

Vancouver Thunderbirds v Westshore @ 12:45pm
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre
Referee: Shanda Assmus AR1: Miriam Sobrino

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