BC Rugby Weekend of Feb 3 2024

BC Premier Week 7 Results: UBC Top Capilano; Pride Blank Bays; Meraloma Defeat CW; Burnaby Edge Westshore; Ravens Soar Past UVic

The BC Premier returns for Week 7 after the winter break. All 10 teams are in action with Lomas sitting in the top spot and undefeated. There are some roster changes from November with MLR players returning to camp and the Pride getting some new faces.  The rosters listed below are in the format last match/this match.

Capilano 17 v UBC 24
Referee: Chris Assmus AR1: Phil Webster AR2: Laura Pfliederer
Venue: Klahanie Park

UBC were the team to break the losing streak and get back into the playoff picture. They sit in 8th spot but are only 2 points behind the Vikes now for the last playoff spot (Pride aren’t eligible for playoffs). Caps remain in 9th place and are now 9 points adrift of the last playoff spot. There’s still 7 weeks of action left before the playoffs, so still time to right the ship and string together some wins. Next week the Caps visit Burnaby and UBC host Westshore.

#9 hosting #8. Caps have lost their last 2 matches, to CW and Ravens. UBC won the University Championship but have lost their last 2 matches to CWU and their last Premier match to Burnaby.

Capilano have seven players keeping their starting position from November, their veteran 8, 9, 10 combination of McKinnon, Robinson and Moloney remains the same.The big news is the starting of Melani Nanai at outside centre, Melani has 65 caps in Super Rugby and was signed by the Vancouver Highlanders for the summer season. Teamed up with Johnny Franklin at inside centre gives the Caps a potent centre combination.

UBC have 5 players retaining their starting positions from November. Jacob Bossi has moved to the Island with CW. The McMullin brothers are teamed up again in the centres, that will be a great battle to watch against the Caps Nanai/Franklin duo. Izzak Kelly is moved to the bench.

Two teams who have started off the season well below their level from last year. Which team will break out of the slump first. The Caps with the introduction of a top level, Super Rugby, player may draw some inspiration. Prediction: Caps by 3.


1 James Ritzema
2 Jason De Freitas / Ethan McCarthy
3 Andrew Paton / Ed Wallin
4 Ollie Winspear / Nick Pearce
5 Campbell Chandler / Joe Britt
6 Reid Brookes
7 Flynn Heyes / Jason De Freitas
8 Glen McKinnon
9 Chris Robinson
10 Mike Moloney
11 Cam Waddell
12 Chuck Huntingford / Johnny Franklin (C)
13 Johnny Franklin / Melani Nanai
14 Ethan Whiting
15 Sam Franklin / George Wallin
16 Ethan McCarthy / Pete Ingoldsby
17 Cass Kocevar / McKenzie Mills
18 McKenzie Mills / Jesse Ryan
19 Jack Rainer
20 Ryan Scott
21 Brandon Power
22 Mahyar Hosseini/ Chuck Huntingford
23 Sam Franklin


1 Koen Buckingham
2 Jacob Bossi / Emmett Allen
3 Payton Teneycke
4 Hillyard Carson
5 Izzak Kelly / Joe McNulty
6 Sol Jacques
7 Callum Arnesen
8 Sandon Gupta / Relmu Wilson-Valdes
9 Jacob Bourne / Stephen Webb
10 Takoda McMullin / James Biss
11 Niko Andrianos / Alastair Marshall
12 Talon McMullin
13 Kieran Martin / Takoda McMullin
14 Jared Andrews-Almack
15 Ben Beauchamp / Lenny Bondau
16 Raymond Chou / Tate Hartley
17 Emmett Allen / Thor Noble
18 Ethan Lee / Graeme Francolini
19 Elijah McQueen / Izzak Kelly
20 Liam Kinghorn / Sandon Gupta
21 Caleb Seumanutafa / Ben Martin
22 Marco Mitchell / Kieran Martin
23 Stephen Webb / Niko Andrianos

James Bay 0 v Pacific Pride 27
Referee: Derek Horton AR1: Martin Thornton AR2: Al Humphries
Venue: James Bay AA- MacDonald Park

The Pride remain in 2nd place in the standings, the Bays continue winless so far this season. Next week the Bays host CW while the Pride will play UVic.

#10 hosting #2. The Bays haven’t won a match yet this year, unusual for them. The Pride have only lost one, their last match against Ravens.

The Pride start another cycle with a number of new faces and some familiar faces. Noah Flesch has gone to the 7s program, he was an outstanding performer in the centres, Mark Balaski takes his spot at inside centre in this match. Balaski is a talented #10, as is James Thiel (playing wing) but the #10 role goes to debutant Ty Driscoll in this match. Driscoll recently played in the UVic Jutes v Doug Tate Selects match so is U20 eligible, and that may be a reason to give him the starting role as the Canada U20 program have to start testing out players in preparation for the summer. The outstanding winger, AJ Kosemple, has gone to teacher’s college in NZ apparently, we hope he continues his rugby there as he’s a solid contender for the senior team in the future. Ian Jones takes his spot on the wing in this match. A number of players have moved on to MLR, Reid Davis was signed by Seattle Seawolves and Karl Hunger has signed with the Dallas Jackals. Alastair Bruce and James Stockwood start in the second row in this match with Jaiden John in the reserves. Compared to their last Premier match in November, there are only 3 players retaining their starting roles, Tyler Matchem at tighthead, Von Richardson at openside and Rhys James at fullback.

The Bays have a roster with 7 starters retaining their spots from November. Kyles Steeves has returned to Dallas in the MLR. D’Shawn Bowen doesn’t appear to have an MLR contract after the Arrows folded and is back in the JBAA roster.

The last match between these two was very close 19-15 for the Pride. Factor in it’s home field for the Bays and a young #10 getting his debut for the Pride. Still the Pride should have enough firepower and higher fitness levels. Prediction: Pride by 6.


1 Spencer Cooper / Sam Miller
2 Sam Mace / Austin Creighton
3 Tyler Matchem
4 Reid Davis / Alastair Bruce
5 Jaiden John / James Stockwood
6 Reid Davis / Ben James (C)
7 Von Richardson
8 Charles Taimani / Matt Klimchuk
9 Brady White / Jesse Kilgour
10 James Thiel / Ty Driscoll
11 AJ Kosemple / Ian Jones
12 Noah Flesch / Mark Balaski
13 Liam Poulton / Kyle Tremblay
14 Ian Jones / James Thiel
15 Rhys James
16 Noah Kyneston / Neil Trainor
17 Aaron Pacha / Theo Espagnol
18 Theo Espagnol / Spencer Cooper
19 Karl Hunger / Jaiden John
20 Braden Bruce
21 Paddy Kirwin / Brady White
22 Justin Taylor / Jamie Armstrong
23 Tyler Buchanan / Ben Russell


1) Aiden Vachon / Dakota Lachance
2) Toby Ng / Wyatt Pilz
3) Kyle Steeves / Aiden Vachon
4) Jack MacIntosh
5) Asfi Saeed
6) Dakota Lachance / Andrew Montgrand
7) Jeremiah Gonevou / Jeremiah Gonevou
8) Tom Richardson /  Tom Richardson
9) Crosby Stewart
10) Mike Nieuwenhuysen
11) Anton Ngongo / Malik James
12) Tom Burton
13) Liam McGuckian
14) Craig Mitchell-Hermann
15) Keegan Neary
16) Tajoniel Forbes / Luke Feraco
17) Kerry Park / Toby Ng
18) Travis Best / Tyler Grom
19) Moe Steves / Teigan White
20) Tyler Grom / Dave O’Connor
21) Kai Khan / Mark Yuen
22) Beau Boehme / Joeli Gonevou
23) Adham Young / D’Shawn Bowen

Meraloma 27 v Castaway Wanderers 21
Referee: Saro Turner AR1: Vickus Fullard AR2: Sam Klein-Laufer
Venue: Connaught Park

One of the closer games for the Lomas who have a +231 PD over 7 games so win games on an overage over 30+ per match. A good road effort for CW who earned a bonus point. The Lomas remain top of the table as the only undefeated team in the league, CW drop to 6th place in the standings. Next week CW visit James Bay and the Lomas visit the Ravens.

#1 hosting #4.

The Lomas rotate a number of players plus have Dewi Williams back on the wing. Monty Weatherall has returned to the UK to continue his studies. Joe Thomas who usually plays in the centres gets the start at #10. Doug Fraser, formerly of Old Glory in MLR, is in the reserves and faces up against his old teammates on CW.

CW have added a few university players, Jacob Bossi, from UBC at hooker and centres Andrew Eassson and Shane Rikley-Krindle from UVic. Gradyn Bowd has returned to MLR and Andrew Easson gets the start at #10. Nick Carson also returns to the roster at #8.

The #1 undefeated team at home have to go in as favourites. Prediction: Lomas by 7.


1 Mark Rickard
2 Scott Bowers / Gil Cann-Vaana
3 Connor O’Flaherty / Conor Turley
4 Finton O’Sullivan
5 Giovanni Guizzetti / John Willis
6 Corne Ludick / Brian Hayden
7 Ethan Jaques / Evan Galvin
8 Evan Galvin / Giovanni Guizzetti
9 Pete Hurst
10 Trent Ormsby / Joe Thomas
11 Conrad Kuita / Keith Graham
12 Monty Weatherall / Conrad Kutia
13 Joe Thomas / Jad Hamade
14 Nico Leonard / Dewi Williams
15 Louis Whelan
16 Geoff Brooks
17 Gil Cann-Vaana / Scott Bowers
18 Conor Turley / Tom Webb
19 Brian Hayden / Craig Trimble
20 Ollie Brannigan / Corne Ludick
21 Jad Hamade / Ethan Jaques
22 James McTurk / Luc Thompson
23 Keith Graham / Doug Fraser


1 Jace Peters
2 Jack Wallace
3 Gavin Kratz
4 Ayo Ogunlabe / John Humphries
5 Tom Davidson
6 Ben Peper / Gord Kehoe
7 Ollie Nott
8 Mike Finnemore / Nick Carson
9 Zech Pilgrim
10 Gradyn Bowd / Andrew Easson
11 Rio Apt / James Mitchell
12 Sion Griffiths
13 James Mitchell / Shane Rikley-Krindle
14 Jack Shaw / Jordan Ng
15 Gareth Sandner
16 Nik Hildebrand / Jacob Bossi
17 Chris Carson / Denver Fatt
18 Harry Seymour / Antonio Corbin
19 Conor McKenzie / Steve Pyke
20 Nat Dring / Ayo Ogunlabe
21 Hugh Mager / Matt Sutherland
22 Keegan Hall / Gabriel Smith
23 Keegan Hall

University Of Victoria 12 v UBCOB Ravens 48
Referee: Cole Pedrick AR1: Darren Munro AR2: Jamie Roszel
Venue: U Of Victoria- Wallace Field

The Ravens flexed their power and came away with a +36 win to keep a solid hold of 3rd place. The Vikes remain in 7th place. Next week the Ravens host the Lomas which should be an epic match while the Vikes host the Pacific Pride.

#7 hosting #3. UVic have lost their last 2 matches, recently to CWU and their last Premier match to Westshore. Ravens defeated the Pride and Capilano in their last 2 matches.

UVic have a number of changes from their November roster. Their centre pairing of Easson and Rikley-Krindle have moved to CW, Dylan Cleaver moves from wing to inside centre and Lockart MacGregor starts at outside centre. The only starters to retain their position are tighthead Nic Willey and scrum half Chris Gamage. Young Brighton Feldman, U20 eligible, gets his first taste of Premier as tighthead reserve. There are 8 U20 players in the Vikes roster.

The Ravens hooker Jesse Mackail was signed by the Seattle Seawolves of the MLR. David O’Donoghue is back in the roster at openside. The halfback combination of Wickham and McLelland anchors the backline attack.

The Vikes have a number of spots to fill as the season restarts, the Ravens should continue their winning form. Prediction: Ravens by 8.


1 Josh Tweed
2 Taiyo Minami / Riku Konrad
3 Tom Kaijaks
4 Frank Carson
5 Don Carson / James Carson
6 Matthew Chan
7 Joe Locke / David O’Donoghue
8 Grant Crowell / Joe Locke
9 Billy Wickham
10 Aaron McLelland
11 David Thompson / Tsugunosuke Hirai
12 Harjun Gill
13 Hamish Janes
14 Tsugunosuke Hirai / Nico Leonard
15 Nicholas Blain / Josh Perrett
16 Kaleb Whitelaw / Viaan Wolmarans
17 Riku Konrad / Lachie Gunson
18 Guido Suez / Kaleb Whitelaw
19 James Carson / Nathan Gittoes
20 Lance Lamberton / Grant Crowell
21 Henry Bibby / Sam Walton-Sexto
22 Aga Ligamy / Jake Holmes
23 Oliver Gullery / David Thompson


1 Phoenix Moller / Owen Kokan
2 Jack Marshall / Jordy Auger
3 Nic Willey
4 Muiredach Casey / Merlin M’Cloud
5 Alex Gordon / Brendan Kim
6 Jaxson Jones / Muiredach Casey
7 Tucker Nadeau / Jaxson Jones
8 Henry Down / Ryder Heaney-Corns
9 Chris Gamage
10 Rhys Patterson / Alex Gamage
11 Graeme Norris / Morgan Di Nardo
12 Andrew Easson / Dylan Cleaver
13 Shane Rikley-Krindle / Lockart MacGregor
14 Dylan Cleaver / Angus Boyd-Porter
15 Alex Gamage / Ethan Smith
16 Brent Hamberg / Phoenix Moller
17 Brendan Kim / Brent Hamberg
18 Merlin M’Cloud / Brighton Feldman
19 Marcus Lott / Alex Gordon
20 Lucas Okano / Henry Down
21 Ethan Smith / Jackson Graf
22 Angus Boyd-Porter / Josh McIndoe
23 Morgan Di Nardo / Marcus Lott

Westshore 29 v Burnaby Lake 32
Referee: Julianne Zussman AR1: David Hale AR2: Hailey Dutchak
Venue: Juan De Fuca

As one sideline observer remarked, this was a spicy game. Tempers started to flare in the last quarter and saw Burnaby draw a red card, but there was some chippiness throughout the match. Kudos to referee Julianne Zussman who kept control of a game that could have easily erupted. Burnaby used their power to control the match scoring several maul tries and were comfortably ahead 32-17 going into the last quarter. Westshore stormed back utilizing their wide attack and closed the gap to 3, Westshore were on attack when time expired but an errant pass into touch drew the final whistle. Reid Watkins for Burnaby was solid at #9 and their big forwards got the job done, for Westshore their Kenyan 7s players were always a danger when they found space.  Burnaby claim 4th spot in the standings and Westshore with 2 losing BP remain in 5th. Next week Westshore visit UBC and Burnaby host Capilano.

#5 hosting #6. Both teams finished the fall season on a positive note, Burnaby defeating UBC and Westshore defeating UVic.

Burnaby have a few names back to boost their roster. Siaki Vikilani returns after a brief sojourn on the Island with Westshore. Reid Watkins is starting at scrum half and Lucas Albornoz is in the reserves. Seven of the players retain their spot from November.

Westshore only posted a starting XV which doesn’t bode well. Jade Billington returns at loose forward and young Taine Clague comes over from UVic to start #8. Malcolm Klaver returns from a season or two of refereeing to lace up the boots again at scrum half.

This one is almost too close to call, a coin flip, I’ll go with the home team advantage. Prediction: Westshore by 1.


1 Luka Bradley
2 Evan Mackey
3 Bryce Worden (c)
4 Cooper Johnston
5 Dom Baptista / Jack Bolton
6 Colton Lee / Siaki Vikilani
7 Jack Bolton / James Catterson
8 James Kelly
9 Mohi Parata / Reid Watkins
10 Ethan Turner
11 Jack Brady / Hayden Mulgrew
12 David Dinbandhu
13 Scott Barr
14 Stu Jamieson / Brian Murphy
15 Eoin Reddington / Sam Williams
16 Chase McCrum
17 Juan Videla / Lalit Bharadwaj
18 Lalit Bharadwaj / Iain Kennell-Webb
19 Iain Kennell-Webb / Lucas Albornoz
20 Colton Lee
21 Jeke Gotegote / Mohi Parata
22 Nolan Shelley
23 Dan Josok / Eoin Reddington


1 Emerson Prior / Justin Tasse
2 Matt Evans / Brian Waraba
3 Kane Perrett
4 Nathan Groenewold / Matt Weir
5 Matt Weir / Brian Ndirangu
6 Brian Waraba / Jade Billington
7 Tom Heuser
8 Admir Cejvanovic / Taine Clague
9 Yuya Kimura / Malcolm Klaver
10 Payton Gibson / Josh Nordstrom
11 Nelson Oyoo / Alvin Otieno
12 Liam Clark / Darian Morrison
13 Braeden Bespalko
14 Jeff Oluoch / Nelson Oyoo
15 Johnstone Olindi
16 Justin Tasse / ??
17 Daragh Carroll / ??
18 Karl Mattison / ??
19 Chris Rose / ??
20 Shane Dagg / ??
21 Quinn Ngawati / ??
22 Siaki Vikilani / ??
23 Gabe Casey / ??

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