BC Rugby Weekend of November 12th 2022

BC Premier Week 3 Results: Bays Edge Burnaby, Lomas Pummel Westshore, Pride Top Caps, Ravens Defeat CW, UBC Over Seattle, Vikes Sink Rowers

The average point differential continues to move upward as the top teams find their scoring touch. In Week 1 the average point differential was +8, Week 2 it went up to +15, this week it’s +27. The highest win was +55, the lowest +5.

Next week is the last week of Premier action before the Winter break, the season resumes at the beginning of February. The McKechnie Cup will be played during the break in December.

Burnaby Lake 17 v James Bay 22 @ 14:30
Venue: Burnaby Lake Rugby Club

The closest match of the weekend, a +5 win for the Bays. Burnaby were ahead 17-8 at the break and continue to struggle in the second half. The Bays go to 2-1 and Burnaby drop to 0-3. Next week Burnaby visit CW and the Bays host Seattle.

Kudos to Burnaby for live streaming their matches.


The Bays sit at 1-1 while Burnaby are 0-2. Burnaby lost games to the Pride and UBC where the last 20 minutes were telling against very fit opposition. The fitness factor should be more even in this match. The Bays lost to the Ravens last week at home but defeated the Rowers on the road.

Burnaby forwards remain the same with one change at #8, David Dinbandhu starting with Lucas Albornoz missing from the match day 23. Ezequiel Rossetti returns to the starting scrum half role along with flyhalf Neil MacLaine. Connor Byron replaces Cole McQueen at inside centre, Brian Fitzpatrick moves to the wing and Ethan Turner starts at fullback. Darren McCrory starts on the other wing with Jack Gelbart and Jean Koorsten in the reserves.

The Bays keep the starting XV from last match with the addition of 7s player Dawson Fatoric on the wing, he replaces Ryan Boothroyd.

This is a hard one to call, the Bays have been playing good rugby under the new coaching staff, they won the Island Barnard Cup and have only lost to the Ravens who are looking the top team this year. The addition of Dawson Fatoric to their backline makes them even more dangerous out wide. Burnaby are due for a win and may have extra motivation in front of the home crowd to avoid going 0-3. Prediction: Burnaby by 1.

1. Lalit Bharadwaj
2. Chase McCrum
3. Bryce Worden
4. Riley Fergus
5. Ethan Soden
6. Cooper Johnston
7. Connor McCann
8. David Dinbandhu
9. Ezequiel Rossetti
10. Neil MacLaine
11. Brian Fitzpatrick
12. Connor Byron
13. Scott Barr
14. Darren McCrory
15. Ethan Turner
16. Evan Mackey
17. Liem Jung
18. Luka Bradley
19. Ish Mulema
20. Dom Baptista
21. Jack Gelbart
22. Jean Koorsten
23. Dean McMahon

James Bay
1. Andrew McPherson
2. Jake Slobodian
3. Blake van Heyningen
4. Jimmy de Goede
5. Teigen White
6. Andrew Montgrand
7. Tom Richardson
8. Mitch Young
9. Crosby Stewart
10. Mitch Sora
11. Dawson Fatoric
12. Tom Burton
13. Mostyn Findlay
14. Isaac Gonevou
15. Craig Mitchell-Hermann
16. Valentin Lalot
17. Dakota Lachance
18. Pete Reyes
19. Pete Massimo
20. Wyatt Pilz
21. Henry Do
22. Brady White
23. JS Cook

Meraloma 60 v Westshore 5 @ 14:30
Venue: Connaught Park

The Lomas show they’re the real deal this season, going 3-0 to remain tied at the top of the standings with the Ravens and the Pacific Pride. Westshore drop to 0-3. Next week the Lomas visit the Pride in the battle of the undefeated, that match will be played at the Cowichan Rugby Club. Westshore host the Rowers.

Meraloma the surprise team of the early season, going 2-0 and taking down the high flying Vikes last weekend. Westshore are 0-2 but have lost their two matches by -2 and -3 against Capilano and Seattle.

Westshore are missing the Kenyan Buffalo, Alvin Otieno, apparently in Monaco now playing rugby. The tight five remain the same from last week, Peyton Eagar replaces Admir Cejnovanic at #8 and Makz Foot replaces Aidan Holland at openside. Josh Norstrom takes the #9 role and Seth Recalma replaces Otieno on the wing.

The Lomas make 3 changes to the forwards, Pat Zuk starts at loosehead prop, Jacob Bourke at second row and Darcy Hinkley at blindside flanker. There are 3 changes in the backs with the subs from last week getting the start, Jay Younger at #10 and James McTurk on the wing. Luke O’Brien starts at inside centre with D.W. van Niekerk moving to the bench.

Westshore have proved they are competitive but the Lomas at home with their 2-0 record go in as favourites. Prediction: Lomas by 5.

1 Nathan Groenewold
2 Matt Evans
3 Neil Hagerty
4 Adam Beaupre
5 Matt Weir
6 (c) Makz Foot
7 Tom Heuser
8 Peyton Eagar
9 Josh Norstrom
10 Taylor McGuire
11 Alex Mentiply
12 Quinn Ngawati
13 Liam Clark
14 Seth Recalma
15 Braedan Bespalko
16 Nathan Yue
17 Tobias Berg
18 Keating Teft
19 Brayden Gray
20 Ryan Waldriff
21 Nicky Mouret
22 Sawyer Shmyrko

1 Pat Zuk
2 Scott McGinley
3 Tom Dunne
4 Darragh Foley
5 Jacob Bourke
6 Darcy Hinkley
7 Evan Galvin
8 Jalan Farris
9 Bayce Letherby
10 Jay Younger
11 Keith Graham
12 Luke O’Brien
13 Andy Cooper
14 James McTurk
15 Louis Whelan
16 Mark Rickard
17 Corne Ludick
18 Richard Barrett
19 Harry Elbrow
20 John Willis
21 Ginga Ishii
22 D.W. van Niekerk
23 Sean Ryan

Pacific Pride 42 v Capilano 15 @ 14:45
Venue: South Surrey Ath Pk

A +27 win for the Pride in Surrey over the Capilano. The Pride go to 3-0 and the Caps drop to 1-2. Next week the Pride host Meraloma and the Caps host UBC.

The Caps are 1-1, a loss to Vikes in Week 1 and a narrow +2 win over Westshore in Week 2. The Pride are 2-0 with a big win over Burnaby in Week 1 and the Seattle default in Week 2.

The Caps are missing Glenn McKinnon from the starting roster, they also have a new second row partnership with Rainer and Manns. The key backline players are there Chris Robinson at scrum half, Mike Moloney and Jeremy Simon at #10 and fullback and Johnny Franklin in the centres.

The Pride have Reid Davis back as starting second row, Sam Miller gets the start at tighthead and Dan Cooper moves to hooker. Zephyr Melnyk returns to starting blindside flanker. Zech Pilgrim replaces Sam Reimer as starting scrum half, AJ Kosempel returns at the wing, Seth Purdy returns to inside centre with Noah Flesch moving to the reserves. Lucas Scheck gets the start on the other wing with Allan Berros moving to the reserves.

As the Pride showed against Burnaby they are dangerous in the last 20, they have a good set of loose forwards, Matt Klimchuk was called up to the Canada ‘A’ and the Canada team, but any of the 3 remaining Melnyk, Nhanala and Hancock are equally capable of making that transition. Ciaran Breen at outside centre has been on fire. Prediction: Pride by 8.

1 James Ritzema
2 Reid Brookes
3 Jesse Ryan
4 Jack Rainer
5 Tim Manns
6 Mahyar Hosseini
7 Cori Hamill
8 Jordan Harvey
9 Chris Robinson (C)
10 Mike Moloney
11 Kevean Pashandi
12 Cam Waddell
13 Johnny Franklin
14 Josh Wang
15 Jeremy Simon

1. Willem den Ouden
2. Dan Cooper
3. Sam Miller
4. Karl Hunger Reid Davis
5. Karl Hunger
6. Zephyr Melnyk
7. Cody Nhanala
8. Elias Hancock
9. Zech Pilgrim
10. Max Stewart
11. AJ Kosempel
12. Seth Purdy
13. Ciaran Breen
14. Lucas Scheck
15. Oliver Mackenzie
16. Tyler Wong
17. Liam Bolton
18. Tyler Matchem
19. Alastair Bruce
20. Noah Flesch
21. Sam Reimer
22. Alan Berros
23. James Thiel

UBCOB Ravens 66 v Castaway Wanderers 32 @ 14:45
Venue: Jericho Beach Park

A +34 win for the Ravens at home over CW. The bonus point win keeps the Ravens on top of the standings at 3-0, tied with the Lomas also at 3-0 and 15 points. The Pride are one point behind at 3-0 and 14 points. Next week the Ravens visit UVic and CW host Burnaby.

Ravens are 2-0 and continue to roll past opponents early in the season. CW are 1-1, losing to Lomas but defeating the Rowers.

CW are missing Jake Ilnicki at tighthead this week, he’s replaced by Jack Sponarski. Nat Dring replaces Sutherland at blindside. In the backs James Mitchell gets the start at outside centre while David Keta moves to the bench. Joe Massyn replaces Harry Elliot at fullback.

The Ravens have moved the Carson clan around a bit in the forwards, there are four in the second row and loose forwards. Aaron McLelland returns to #10 from his stint at fullback, Aga Ligamy takes the fullback role. Sawyer Herron goes up against his former teammates at outside centre. Coach Chris Taylor puts himself in as replacement tighthead. Cole Keffer returns to the roster in the reserves.

Ravens go in as favourites every week until they get beaten. Prediction: Ravens by 7.

1 John Braddock
2 Jace Peters
3 Jack Sponarski
4 Gavin Kratz
5 Nick Carson
6 Nat Dring
7 Steve Pyke
8 Mike Finnemore
9 Ian Hickman
10 Jordan Tait
11 Pavlos Silvestros
12 Ollie Nott
13 James Mitchell
14 Gabriel Smith
15 Joe Massyn
16 Alex Clark
17 Alex McCallum
18 Cam Smith
19 Logan Dring
20 Gord Kehoe
21 David Keta
22 Seamus McDougall
23 Jordan Ng

1 Tom Kaijaks
2 Dan Cervino
3 Keenan Kayser
4 James Carson
5 Don Carson
6 Frank Carson
7 Matthew Bluck
8 Dave Carson
9 Alex Ball
10 Aaron McLelland
11 Mark Wandeto
12 Noah Bain
13 Sawyer Herron
14 Marceau Bertin
15 Aga Ligamy
16 Willis Reimer
17 Sean Pyle
18 Chris Taylor
19 Matt Chan
20 Blain Meek
21 Harry Boyd
22 Cole Keffer
23 David Thompson

UBC 48 v Seattle 19 @ 14:30
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

UBC notched a comfortable +29 win over Seattle, UBC go to 2-1 in the standings, Seattle drop to 1-2. Next week UBC visit the Capilano and Seattle visit James Bay.

Kudos to UBC for live streaming the match.


UBC are 1-1, losing to the Ravens by -8 but beating Burnaby last week by +26. Seattle are 1-1, defeating Westshore at home by +3 but defaulting their road game last week against the Pride.

UBC rotate their starting props with Tweed and Teneycke starting this week. Izzak Kelly is given a rest with Sol Jacques moving from #8 to second row. Raymond Chou moves from the reserves to starting blindside, Ethan Lee takes the #8 spot and Callum Arnesen starts at openside flanker. The backline remains the same with one change, Jacob Bourne replaces Takoda McMullin at fullback.

The Seattle roster isn’t available at the time of writing, since they defaulted last week, we’ve posted their last published roster from October 22nd.

It’s difficult to know what’s happening with Seattle, they don’t publish their rosters regularly, they defaulted in their second game of the season. UBC are consistent, they’ve started a few new forwards this week, looking to build depth ahead of the University championships but their backline is exciting and can put up points in a hurry. Prediction: UBC by 12.

1. Joshua Tweed
2. Jacob Bossi
3. Peyton Teneycke
4. Caden Wilson
5. Sol Jaques
6. Raymond Chou
7. Callum Arnesen
8. Ethan Lee
9. Max Abercrombie
10. James Biss
11. Jared Andrews-Almack
12. Talon McMullin
13. Kieran Martin
14. Alastair Marshall
15. Jacob Bourne
16. Koen Buckingham
17. Conor O’Flaherty
18. Relmu Wilson-Valdes
19. Emmet Allen
20. Nathan Goliath
21. Takoda McMullin
22. Jack Carson
23. Brady Reeleder
24. Ben Martin

Seattle (roster vs American Raptors Oct 22nd)
1 Kellen Gordon
2 Alex Glover
3 Liam Noone
4 Jamie Demers
5 Tomasi Puletu
6 Matthew Potter
7 Aidan Carlisle
8 Adam Page
9 Jack Canon
10 Jonny Reid
11 Jordan Anderson
12 Matt Brennan
13 Joey Lincoln
14 Jeremiah Sio
15 Ian Wrigth
16 Halleluiah Tiauli
17 Lu Alainuuse
18 James Kuahiwinui
19 Sami Ma’afu
20 Zander Tkel
21 Oida Ryuhei
22 Cole Zarcone
23 Lopeti Aisea
24 Taniela Tupou

Vancouver Rowing Club 24 v University Of Victoria 38 @ 14:30
Venue: Brockton Oval

A +14 win for UVic on the road, the win puts the Vikes at 2-1, the Rowers drop to 0-3. Next week the Vikes host the Ravens and the Rowers visit Westshore.

UVic were upset last week at home by the Lomas so this will be a good test of where they are as they take on the 0-2 Rowers on the road. Rowers lost to the Bays and CW. Another loss by UVic will make TWU fancy their chances as they look to be the team to face them in the opening round of the University Championships.

UVic bring back Denver Fatt to the starting tighthead role, Asfand Saeed starts in the second row, the flankers are changed with Nadeau and M’Cloud getting the start. Ethan Smith comes off the bench to start at scrum half. Gabe Casey is missing from the match day 23 and Shane Rikley-Krindle takes his spot at outside centre. Taine Clague returns from injury and is in the reserves.

The Rowers are another team slow on releasing their roster, we don’t have it at the time of writing, we’ve posted their November 5th roster against CW.

UVic won’t want to go into the University Championship with a string of losses, the Rowers will be a good test for them, especially in the forwards. Prediction: UVic by 3.

1 Owen Kokan – Point Grey Secondary
2 Jack Marshall – Gonzaga High School
3 Denver Fatt – St. George’s School
4 Asfand Saeed – Victoria High School
5 Ayo Ogunlade – Brentwood College School
6 Tucker Nadeau – Flathead High School
7 Merlin M’Cloud – Montague Regional High
8 Muiredach Casey – St. Michaels University School
9 Ethan Smith – Carson Graham Secondary
10 Logan Martin-Feek – Claremont Secondary School
11 Lockhart MacGregor – Abbotsford Senior Secondary
12 Andrew Easson – Oakville Trafalger High School
13 Shane Rikley-Krindle – Westwood High School
14 Graeme Norris – Shawnigan Lake School
15 Ethan Hager – Brantford Collegiate Institute
16 Zarija Djurickovic – Oak Bay High School
17 Phoenix Moller – Robert Bateman Secondary
18 George Piper Arroliga – Robert Bateman Secondary School
19 Liam Mitchell – Brentwood College School
20 Taine Clague – Lambrick Park Secondary School
21 Jenner Teufel – Shawnigan Lake School
22 Chris Gamage – Henry Wise Wood
23 Angus Boyd-Porter – Gonzaga

Rowers (from Nov 5th vs CW)
1. Josh Waller
2 Jason Carton
3 Ian Prendiville
4 Jack Warren
5 Spencer Cooper
6 Morgan Brinson
7 Scott McTavish
8 Michael Cooke
9 Jakeb Roiri
10 Nick Wackwitz
11 Andrew de Torres
12 Tim O’Hare
13 Ollie Joyce
14 Filipe Tagituimua
15 Jordan Wilson-Ross
16 Gregory Crowe
17 Eddie Quinn
18 Eoin Keenan
19 Tom Brennan
20 Dominic Howard
21 Spencer Morgan
22 Felix Grignon

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