Coaching Updates – December 2021

Jamie Cudmore Hired as Newfoundland Provincial Coach for 2022 Season

Jamie Cudmore will take over the Newfoundland provincial coaching role. He’s moving, along with his family, from an island on the far west coast of Canada to one about 5,000 km away on the Canadian east coast. For Jennifer Cudmore, Jamie’s wife, it’s a move home and to family.

Working with the Newfoundland Rugby Union to subsidize the funding of this full time position is a group of dedicated rugby supporters called Canadian GRIT (Grassroots Resources & Ideas Team). Their goal is to provide support to grassroots rugby development and one way they’ll achieve this is to keep a valuable resource like Jamie Cudmore in Canada. Jamie will spend a portion of his time providing training sessions for coaches across the country.

We’ll provide more information on the group Canadian GRIT in a subsequent article.

Today Jamie issued another apology for his behaviour on social media during the Olympics. He also outlined steps he’s taking to upgrade his leadership and coaching skills through a group called Sport Law. We’ll delve a little deeper into that organization as well in a subsequent article.

from Jamie Cudmore via his Instagram account.

I am Truly Sorry.

This past summer during the Olympics I made some comments that were inappropriate, offensive, and hurtful. I lost my job because of them. Accountability matters to me as does learning from my mistakes. I can’t take back what I did, I know my words disappointed many in the community. What I did was wrong.

I am working hard to learn from this major error. Currently I am continuously working to be a better person, leader, and Coach. Under the direction of the leadership coaches at @SportLawca I am learning how my actions impact others and how to move to a new way of “being-ness” not “reactiveness” in my Coaching and in life. It is important I continue to do this inner work to both analyze my tendencies and to learn about the systemic injustices that our athletes face. I am now starting to understand “Generative Tension” within the new Coaching paradigm and apply these techniques in a more sensitive, respectful, and compassionate way.

I moved back to Canada to help the grassroots and @rugbycanada family grow and give back to a game that has given me so much. I will not give up on this commitment. Healing starts with forgiveness and grows through understanding. I am thrilled to start the SPORT LEADERS RETREAT Coaches Edition 2022 and continue to do my part in helping the game grow.

Excited for the future of Rugby in Canada!

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