Coastal Cup 2023 – Week 3

Coastal Cup Week 3 Pride 80 @ UBC 19 and UVic 45 @ TWU 14: Rosters Included

UPDATE: The Pride look destined to repeat as Coastal Cup champions this year with a resounding win over a young UBC side, 80-19. At Trinity Western it was UVic pulling away at the end to win 45-14. The TWU match was live streamed on the Rugby Network and was well done, congrats to TWU on the production.

The big game this week will be UVic @ TWU, not because they’re top of the table but because it’s the first time will stream a match from the Coastal Cup (or BC Premier). It’s bringing rugby in BC to a larger audience, something that would seem a no brainer but it took Andy Evans and the TWU program to pull it off. Kudos Andy. Now here’s hoping the production is good and the match is entertaining.

Trinity Western University v University Of Victoria @ 14:30
Referee: Kristine Lovatt AR1: Jamie Dopson AR2: Doug Thorpe
Venue: Langley Events Centre

UVic and TWU should be evenly matched, both are 0-1 in the season having lost to the Pride and UBC respectively in Week 2.

UVic have shuffled their roster from last week, Taine Clague is out at #8 and blindside flanker Ryder Heaney-Corns rotates into that spot, lock Brendan Kim takes the flanker spot. Positions 10 to 14 remain the same as last week with Matt Bennett getting the start at fullback.

TWU have fewer changes, positions 7 through 15 remain the same from last week with bench players from last week Zimmer, Zubiri and Gandolfo getting the start in the forwards.

Another interesting thread is the referee is Kristine Lovatt, not a name we’ve seen frequently in the BC Premier or Coastal Cup. She’s a Level 1 rugby referee since 2017, played at Acadia and U of Saskatchewan and is a Registered Doctoral Psychologist in her “other” job.

Here’s the link to the live stream:


1 Brent Hamberg
2 Jordy Auger
3 Owen Kokan
4 Muiredach Casey
5 Merlin M’Cloud
6 Brendan Kim
7 Tucker Nadeau
8 Ryder Heaney-Corns
9 Ethan Smith
10 Alex Gamage
11 Graeme Norris
12 Andrew Easson
13 Shane Rikley-Krindle
14 Lockhart MacGregor
15 Matt Bennett
16 Jack Marshall
17 Phoenix Moller
18 Owen Kokan
19 Marcus Lott
20 Jaxson Jones
21 Chris Gamage
22 Rhys Patterson
23 Angus Boyd-Porter


1 Tim Zimmer
2 Seth Klassen
3 Favour Olaniyan
4 Martin Zubiri
5 Josh Halladay
6 Genaro Gandolfo
7 Sam Tsoi
8 Nate Schroeder
9 Jan Lourens
10 Josiah Levale
11 Connor Gibbons
12 Guiseppe du Toit
13 Fynn Murphy
14 Lynden Duggan
15 Matt Willemse
16 Joseph Goroza
17 Ben Graci
18 Grayson Hardie
19 David Wegert
20 Kyle Finan
21 Brady Howlett
22 Ty Dayton
23 Connor Bernardin

UBC v Pacific Pride @ 14:30
Referee: Saro Turner AR1: Phil Webster AR2: Kevin Heieis
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

This game will have a youth emphasis as UBC are resting the players travelling to France, so both teams agreed to play their U20 players where possible. The consequence is the Dunbar Keg U20 match between Vancouver and North Island Tsunami has been rescheduled until October as both teams have players from UBC and the Pride, respectively, who will now be playing in this match.

UBC have a completely new starting XV from last week with only Beaudry Leman, Ethan Lee and Callum Arneson remaining from the 1st team squad. UBC have a total of 9 U20 players in the roster this week.

The Pride have a number of changes with their U20 and bench players getting the start. Only loosehead Sam Miller retains his spot from last week. It’s a chance to try players in different positions Justin Taylor moves from his usual #10 to fullback and a new halfback combination gets the start, Jesse Kilgour and Tyler Driscol. Charles Taimani gets a shot at #8.

Pacific Pride

1 Sam Miller
2 Noah Kynaston
3 Aaron Pacha
4 Jaiden John
5 Reid Yurkowski
6 Braden Bruce
7 Von Richardson
8 Charles Taimani
9 Jesse Kilgour
10 Tyler Driscol
11 Ian Jones
12 Tyler Buchanan
13 Noah Flesch
14 AJ Kosemple
15 Justin Taylor
16 Tyler Matchem
17 Austin Creighton
18 Sam Mace
19 Karl Hunger
20 Ben James
21 Paddy Kirwin
22 AJ Kosemple
23 Liam Poulton


1 Thor Noble
2 Tate Hartley
3 Beaudry Leman
4 Zilvy Trumpaitis
5 Anokh Gill
6 Ethan Lee
7 Callum Arneson
8 Liam Kinghorn
9 Luka Djurikovic
10 Ben Beauchamp
11 Amir Gill
12 Max Birtley
13 Brady Reeleder
14 Anvith Mulpuri
15 Dillon Hamilton
16 Jordan Kempema
17 Graeme Francolini
18 James Notfall
19 Liam Platt
20 Aiden Cathcart
21 Simon Radcliffe
22 Manual Boada
23 Sam Heward

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