Coastal Cup Week 2: Pride and UBC Dominant in Wins Over UVic and TWU – Rosters Posted

Coastal Cup Week 2: Pride and UBC Dominant in Wins Over UVic and TWU – Rosters Posted

The Pride went 2-0 on the season with a dominant 52-12 win over the home side UVic. In other action UBC went to 1-1 with a 61-22 victory over TWU. Traditionally UBC start slowly and pick up momentum as the season progresses.

Next weekend will see a rematch of the Pride vs UBC, that match will be at UBC. It may be UBC’s last attempt at wrestling the Coastal Cup away from the Pride. UBC will then be off to France to participate in the World University competition.

University Of Victoria v Pacific Pride @ 15:00
Referee: Chris Assmus AR1: Julianne Zussman AR2: Olivia Ross Venue:
Venue: U Of Victoria- Wallace Field

The Pride have their second match of the competition, while UVic have their first match of the new season. For the Pride Karl Hunger comes into the roster at second row and Rhys James gets his first start on the wing with Ben Russell at fullback. Canada U20 centre, Liam Poulton, is in the reserves.

For the Vikes some new faces along with some players from last year, Taine Clague returns at #8, the Gamage brothers are the half backs. Merlin M’Cloud returns after spending the summer in NZ.


1 Sam Miller
2 Austin Creighton
3 Sam Mace
4 James Stockwood
5 Ben James / Karl Hunger
6 Von Richardson
7 Cody Nhanala
8 Matt Klimchuk / Ben James
9 Brady White
10 Justin Taylor
11 AJ Kosemple / Rhys James
12 Noah Flesch
13 Kyle Trembly
14 Ian Jones / AJ Kosemple
15 James Thiel / Ben Russell
16 Noah Kynaston / Tyler Matchem
17 Jace Peters / Aaron Pacha
18 Tyler Matchem / Charles Taimani
19 Jaiden John / Matt Klimchuk
20 Charles Taimani / Braden Bruce
21 Paddy Kirwin
22 Tyler Buchanan / Liam Poulton
23 Rhys James / Ian Jones


1 Brent Hamberg
2 Jordy Auger
3 Phoenix Moller
4 Merlin M’Cloud
5 Brendan Kim
6 Ryder Heaney-Corns
7 Tucker Nadeau
8 Taine Clague
9 Chris Gamage
10 Alex Gamage
11 Graeme Norris
12 Andrew Easson
13 Shane Rikley-Krindle
14 Lockhart MacGregor
15 Ethan Smith
16 Jack Marshall
17 Nic Willey
18 Owen Kokan
19 Muiredach Casey
20 Jaxson Jones
21 Patterson Rhys
22 Angus Boyd-Porter
23 Marcus Lott

UBC RFC v Trinity Western University @ 14:30
Referee: Saro Turner AR1: Nathaniel Hight AR2: Phil Webster
Venue: UBC- Gerald McGavin Centre

UBC were slow to get out of the blocks in Week 1 and were beaten +23 by the Pride. They come up against TWU who are starting their season this week. UBC have Jacob Bossi and Izzak Kelly back from NZ, so that should improve their forwards performance. The backline remains the same with Jared Andrews Almack coming off the bench to start at wing.

TWU kick off their season, they’ll be hosting the Canadian University Championship so are guaranteed a spot, UBC and UVic likely taking the remaining BC allocations. They have a number of returning players such as tighthead Favour Olaniyan and the veteran Guiseppe du Toit in the centres.


1 Koen Buckingham
2 Raymond Chou / Jacob Bossi
3 Payton Teneycke
4 Cayden Wilson
5 Hillyard Carson / Izzak Kelly
6 Sol Jacques / Joe McNulty
7 Sandon Gupta / Callum Arneson
8 Relmu Wilson-Valdes
9 Jacob Bourne
10 James Biss
11 Alistair Marshall / Jared Andrews Almack
12 Talon McMullin
13 Takoda McMullin
14 Niko Andrianos / Alistair Marshall
15 Owain Cormack
16 Connor O’Flaherty / Emmett Allen
17 Emmett Allen / Beaudry Leman
18 Beaudry Leman / Hillyard Carson
19 Ethan Lee / Sandon Gupta
20 Ben Martin / Sol Jacques
21 Jared Andrews Almack / Caleb Suemanutafa
22 Kieran Martin
23 Ethan Barry / Lenny Bondeau


1 Ben Graci
2 Seth Klassen
3 Favour Olaniyan
4 Josh Halladay
5 David Wegert
6 Caleb van Til
7 Sam Tsoi Kin-San
8 Nate Schroeder
9 Jan Lourens
10 Josiah Levale
11 Connor Gibbons
12 Guiseppe du Toit
13 Fynn Murphy
14 Lynden Duggan
15 Matt Willemse
16 Joseph Goroza
17 Tim Zimmer
18 Grayson Hardie
19 Martin Zubiri
20 Genaro Gandolfo
21 Brady Howlett
22 Ty Dayton
23 Connor Bernardin

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