London 7s 2023 – Relegation Tournament

Heroic Effort by Men’s 7s Team in London Earns Core Team Status Next Season: Match Videos

It was a heroic effort by Canada on Day 2 as they dug deep and made a nation proud. They needed to put a large score on Tonga to ensure they would make the final on points differential and that’s exactly what they did with a +36 defeat of Tonga. Now they were in the final even if Uruguay defeated Kenya, which they did. It would put Kenya and Canada in the final and Kenya had won the pool round encounter. It was a tense match, tied 7-7 at the half, Canada kept their nerve and found the overlap with seconds left on the clock. Brock Webster had done well to move the ball down the pitch with a couple of line breaks, Phil Berna and Alex Russell had a 2 on 1 inside the Kenya 22 and Berna delivered the perfect pass for Russell to beat the cross cover. Webster put the ensuing kickoff deep and Canada were able jackal the ball for the win.

The significance of the win is huge, it hopefully will ensure the Canada 7s remains on the circuit. The men’s 7s program funding should be maintained and maybe even increased by Own the Podium. The Olympic Qualifier is next in August, this result should give the team extra confidence.

Congratulations to coaches Sean White and Phil Mack and to all the players in the men’s 7s program.

Canada 12 – Kenya 7

Josiah Morra scored a try to close out the first half to tie the match up 7-7. Alex Russell scored the winning try after some strong work from Brock Webster to move the ball down field.

Canada 43 – Tonga 7

Jack Carson scored 3 first half tries and Alex Russell scored 3 second half tries, with Brock Webster getting a solo in between.

*Canada 1-1 on Day 1, A Look at Day 2 Scenarios: Match Videos*

Canada’s hopes are hanging by a thread at this time. Canada lost its first game to Kenya but made a comeback against Uruguay to sit at 1-1. This is the scenario, Kenya at 2-0 (+17) can book their place in the final with a win against Uruguay (1-1, +1), if that happens Canada (1-1, -3) can get in the final with a win against Tonga (0-2, -15). If Kenya win and Canada lose, then Canada, Uruguay, Tonga will be tied on 5 points and point differential comes into play. If Uruguay defeats Kenya, then Canada must defeat Tonga and by a sizeable margin as then Canada, Kenya, Uruguay will be tied at 7 points and point differential will come into play. Canada play Tonga first so they won’t know the Kenya v Uruguay result until later.

Canada 21 – Uruguay 19

Canada 19 – Kenya 24

*Canada’s 7s Future on the Line in Men’s Relegation Tournament in London: Kickoff 3:51am PT on Saturday*

It’s all on the line for Canada this weekend as they play in the relegation tournament in London. They’ll be in a pool with Uruguay, Kenya and Tonga. The winner gets to stay on the tournament, the losers… it’s an uncertain future for the losing teams and their 7s programs.

Canada face Kenya first at 3:51 am PT on Saturday then Uruguay and Tonga on Sunday. The top two teams will face off on Sunday to determine the winner.

Canada have two changes due to injury, out are Elias Hancock and Lockie Kratz and in are Elias Ergas and Brennig Prevost.

Saturday May 20
Kenya 3:51 a.m. PT / 6:51 a.m. ET
Uruguay 7:21 a.m. PT / 10:21 a.m. ET

Sunday May 21
Tonga 3:57 a.m. PT / 6:57 a.m. ET
Final 8:56 a.m. PT / 11:56 a.m. ET

Watch live on, the CBC Sports app, and the free CBC Gem streaming service.

1. Anton Ngongo (Victoria, BC) – Castaway Wanderers
4. Phil Berna (Vancouver, BC) – Vancouver Rowing Club
5. Alex Russell (Chichester, ENG) – McGill University
6. Josiah Morra (Toronto, ON) – Castaway Wanderers / Toronto Saracens
7. Brock Webster (Uxbridge, ON) – Oshawa Vikings RFC
10. Brennig Prevost (Victoria, BC) – Castaway Wanderers
11. Elias Ergas (Vancouver, BC) – University of British Columbia
12. David Richard (Milton, ON) – Mississauga Blues RFC
19. Matthew Oworu (Calgary, AB) – Pacific Pride
21. Max Stewart (Cape Town, RSA) – Pacific Pride
23. Thomas Isherwood (Okotoks, AB) – Foothills Lions RFC
33. Kal Sager (Peterborough, ON) – Peterborough Pagans / Trent University
44. Lockie Kratz (Victoria, BC) – Castaway Wanderers / NOLA Gold
64. Elias Hancock (Ottawa, ON) – Bytown Blues
99. Jack Carson (Victoria, BC) – University of British Columbia

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