MLR 2023 – Week 14

MLR Week 14 Wrapup: 36 Canadians in Action, 22 Starters, 14 Reserves; San Diego Leads West, New England Tops East

Little has changed in the standings from Week 13, San Diego and New England continue to lead their respective conferences. Seattle has closed the gap a bit on San Diego who now are only 5 points ahead, while Houston and Utah battle it out for the last playoff spot in the West. In the East, New England has increased the gap on top to 15 points with DC, NY and Atlanta in the hunt for the two remaining playoff spots.

New England 50 – New Orleans 3

Conor Keys and Reegan O’Gorman were in the top 5 for tackles made for NE. O’Gorman made the MLR Team of the Week.

Seattle 35 – Chicago 13

Utah 34 – Houston 28

Dallas 27 – Atlanta 19

Dewald Kotze scored two tries for Dallas and was named to the MLR Team of the Week. Matt Heaton was top tackler for Atlanta, Liam Murray and Kotze were in the top 5 tacklers for Dallas. Seth Purdey was in the top 5 for running metres for Atlanta.

Toronto 29 – DC 29

Ciaran Breen, D’Shawn Bowen, Liam Bowman and Ross Braude scored tries for Toronto. Braude made the MLR Team of the Week, his 3rd selection this season. Travis Larsen was top tackler for Toronto and Kyle Baillie was top tackler for DC.

Canadians in the Rosters Week 14

Team of the Week
Dewald Kotze Dallas Jackals
Reegan O’Gorman New England Free Jacks
Ross Braude Toronto Arrows

Liam Murray Dallas Jackals
Conor Keys New England Free Jacks
Gradyn Bowd Old Glory DC
Kyle Baillie Old Glory DC
Matt Heaton Rugby Atlanta
Seth Purdey Rugby Atlanta
Jack Shaw Rugby Atlanta
Mason Flesch Toronto Arrows
Travis Larsen Toronto Arrows
Mitch Richardson Toronto Arrows
Ciaran Breen Toronto Arrows
Tyler Rowland Toronto Arrows
Adrian Wadden Toronto Arrows
Shane O’Leary Toronto Arrows
James O’Neill Toronto Arrows
Owain Ruttan Toronto Arrows
D’Shawn Bowen Toronto Arrows
Peter Nelson Toronto Arrows
Tyler Wong Toronto Arrows

Lindsey Stevens Chicago Hounds
Kyle Steeves Dallas Jackals
Cole Keith New England Free Jacks
Spencer Jones New England Free Jacks
Foster DeWitt New England Free Jacks
Eric Howard New Orleans Gold
Nakai Penny Seattle Seawolves
Lucas Rumball Toronto Arrows
Hank Stevenson Toronto Arrows
Kobe Faust Toronto Arrows
Will Grant Toronto Arrows
Connor Grindal Toronto Arrows
Liam Bowman Toronto Arrows
Emerson Prior Utah Warriors

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