MLR 2024 Week 9

MLR Week 9 Results: 24 Canada-Eligible Players in Rosters

Andrew Quattrin, Jack Shaw, Guiseppe du Toit, Makeen Alikhan scored tries in Week 9. Matt Heaton top tackler in LA match, Dewald Kotze top tackler for Dallas.

Utah 31 – Old Glory 24

Cali Martinez and Gradyn Bowd started for Old Glory, Utah had Emerson Prior starting. Gradyn Bowd had the top kicking stats with 217 metres.

NOLA 40 – Anthem 5

New Orleans had Callum Botchar in the reserves, Logan Weidner was in the reserves for Anthem.

Dallas 38 – Miami 17

Dallas had Dewald Kotze, Makeen Alikhan, Mitch Richardson, Nic Benn starting, and Kyle Steeves, Brock Gallagher, Connor Grindal in reserves. Miami had Guiseppe du Toit starting and Avery Oitomen in the reserves. Scoring tries were Guiseppe du Toit for Miami and Makeen Alikhan for Dallas. Dewald Kotze was top tackler for Dallas with 11.

Houston 33 – San Diego 0

There were no Canadians in the match.

New England 34 – LA 12

Starting were Kyle Baillie, Andrew Quattrin, Cameron Nordli-Kelemeti for New England, in reserves Josh Larsen, Foster Dewitt, Ben Lesage. For LA Conor Young, Jack Shaw, Matt Heaton, Reegan O’Gorman starting. Scoring in the match were Andrew Quattrin for NE and Jack Shaw for LA. Matt Heaton was top tackler in the game with 23.






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