Upright Rugby Updates – April 2022

Upright Rugby Successful Tour to Tropical 7s in Florida: U12 Co-Ed Team Wins Cup Final

from Tyler Leggatt

I just wanted to let you know that I am on my way home from a highly successful trip down to Tampa, Florida where we had eight teams competing in the 2022 Tropical 7s. I had nicknamed this tour the “Reboot to Rugby” tour and it was a great opportunity for us to kick off to return to rugby, and prepare for the upcoming spring and summer season here in Canada.

We were very fortunate to have over 90 athletes on tour, and all managed to find their way despite the some of the challenges and obstacles that were imposed due to the restrictions of Covid .

All teams performed well, with all teams finishing in the top 10. Our U18 Boys won the plate, finishing fifth over all, our U14 boys finished 4th, and our U23 men finished 6th. That team included Toronto Arrows Academy players Matt Fish and Kevin Oh, and was coached by Freddie Asselin.

However, the real bright spot was our newly formed U12 co-ed team which had combined with Cam Wilton’s Barbarians to fill the roster. This eager and inspiring crew managed to lose only one game the whole tournament, eventually winning the cup on the final day! (Photo below).

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