Women’s Rugby World Cup – 2022

RWC Day 2 Recap with Stats and Video Highlights

Canada got the job done on Day 2 with a bonus point win in their first match. They definitely left points off the scoreboard with handling errors and a lack of finishing but coaches and players will be happy with the opening win and look on improving against Italy. Italy upset USA to go second in Pool B and Wales needed a penalty kick at the whistle to defeat Scotland.

The rankings after round 1 are as follows:

England +65 (1st Pool C)
Canada +36 (1st Pool B)
NZ +24 (1st Pool A)
France +35 (2nd Pool C)
Italy +12 (2nd Pool B)
Wales +3 (2nd Pool A)
Scotland -3 (3rd Pool A)
USA -12 (3rd Pool B)

A lot will change after Round 2 with France v England and Italy v Canada being key matches. Also the Fiji v South Africa match should be entertaining.

Below are video highlights, player interviews and match stats.



Coach Kevin Rouet

Front Row Emily Tuttosi

#8/Captain Sophie de Goede


Italy 22 (+12)

TRIES Vittoria Ostuni Minuzzi (39′), Aura Muzzo (51′, 63′), Maria Magatti (70′)
CONV Michela Sillari (40′)

USA 10 (-12)

TRIES Hallie Taufoou (4′), Jenny Kronish (57′)

Match Stats

Canada 41 (+36)

TRIES Paige Farries (2′), Emily Tuttosi (14′, 29′, 50′), Brianna Miller (24′, 35′), Mikiela Nelson (66′)
CONV Brianna Miller (16′), Sophie De Goede (51′, 67′)

Japan 5 (-36)

TRIES Maki Takano (6′)

Match Stats

Wales 18 (+3)

TRIES Alisha Butchers (6′), Kayleigh Powell (34′)
CONV Elinor Snowsill (7′)
PENS Elinor Snowsill (13′), Keira Bevan (86′)

Scotland 15 (-3)

TRIES Lana Skeldon (28′), Megan Gaffney (66′, 79′)

Match Stats


Sophie de Goede – photo by Fiona Goodall

Emily Tuttosi – photo by Phil Walter

Fabiola Forteza – photo by Hannah Peters

Ffion Lewis – photo by Hannah Peters

Maria Magatti – photo by Fiona Goodall

*RWC Day 1 Recap with Stats and Video Highlights*

England continue on as favourites building a +65 point differential after a Round 1 victory over Fiji. NZ struggled in the first half of their match and were helped by two consecutive yellows to Australia in order to get back into the game, they finished with a +24 win. France put a +35 score over South Africa, setting the stage for two competitive games in Round 2 of Pool C, England v France and South Africa v Fiji.

Coming up on Day 2 it’s USA v Italy, Canada v Japan and Wales v Scotland. All matches available on TSN.



France 40 (+35)

TRIES Laure Sansus (2′, 67′), Gabrielle Vernier (11′), Emilie Boulard (17′), Caroline Drouin (71′), Joanna Grisez (81′)
CONV Caroline Drouin (3′, 18′), Lina Queyroi (68′, 71′, 82′)

South Africa 5 (-35)

TRIES Nomawethu Mabenge (50′)

Match Stats (South Africa / France)

England 84 (+65)

TRIES Claudia Macdonald (5′, 56′, 70′, 76′), Amy Cokayne (18′, 42′), Abbie Ward (27′), Helena Rowland (38′), Zoe Aldcroft (45′), Lydia Thompson (50′, 53′), Abby Dow (59′), Leanne Infante (65′), Connie Powell (74′)
CONV Emily Scarratt (28′, 39′, 46′, 51′, 60′), Zoe Harrison (75′, 78′)

Fiji 19 (-65)

TRIES Alowesi Nakoci (31′), Sesenieli Donu (41′), Lavena Cavuru (81′)
CONV Lavena Cavuru (32′, 43′)

Match Stats (Fiji / England)

New Zealand 41 (+24)

TRIES Joanah Ngan-Woo (31′), Portia Woodman (36′, 47′, 61′), Awhina Tangen-Wainohu (56′), Ruby Tui (68′, 74′)
CONV Kendra Cocksedge (33′), Renee Holmes (57′, 62′)

Australia 17 (-24)

TRIES Bienne Terita (13′, 28′), Ivania Wong (16′)
CONV Arabella McKenzie (18′)

Match Stats (Australia / New Zealand)


Coco Lindelauf – photo by Fiona Goodall

Roela Radiniyavuni – photo by Hannah Peters

Portia Woodman – photo by Hannah Peters

*Women’s Rugby World Cup Early Predictions and Links*

Oct 3 2022

[ed. TSN are carrying all the games, some on TSN 5, some on TSN3 and Canada’s games on TSN1.]

The Women’s Rugby World Cup starts in 4 days, and here are our predictions.

1. The top four world ranked teams England, NZ, Canada, France will end up in the semi-finals. Not a big surprise.
2. Fiji will be the surprise team of the tournament and make the quarter-finals finishing as the second best 3rd place team.
3. NZ will finish the pool round as top ranked team, they’ll have a greater point differential than England after pool play.
4. It will be England v NZ for Gold and France v Canada for Bronze.

So this is how we see it unfolding. In Pool A, NZ are going to run up the scores, they just demolished Japan by a +83 score in their last test match. They’ll put up a moderate score against Australia and bigger scores against Wales and Scotland. In Pool C, England will have to contend with France, whom they only beat by +12 in the Six Nations. Fiji will offer more resistance than expected, we think. England will run the score up on South Africa. In Pool B, Canada will have a battle with USA, Canada won’t match NZ and England for point differential, so they’ll finish as 3rd ranked team.

World Rugby Match Updates

This is how we see the rankings after the pool round.

1 NZ
2 England
3 Canada
4 France
6 Australia
7 Italy
8 Fiji

This is a rough estimate of the point differentials we’re expecting, it will be close between NZ and England. The point differential will also be close between USA and Australia for 5th and 6th, the top team will face France in the quarter-finals, the lower team will face Canada. So the quarter-finals could possibly be NZ v Fiji, England v Italy, Canada v Australia and France v USA.

New Zealand 3-0 +90
Australia 2-1 +18
Wales 1-2 -42
Scotland 0-3 -64

Canada 3-0 +36
USA 2-1 +20
Italy 1-2 -2
Japan 0-3 -26

England 3-0 +86
France 2-1 +38
Fiji 1-2 -36
South Africa 0-3 -82

World Rugby Pool Updates

Some battles to watch, the point differential race between NZ and England in the pool round to see who is ranked first. The Canada v USA match will be the tightest 1st v 2nd contest. Fiji (#21) v South Africa (#11), we’re calling an upset in this one.

Who will win, probably England, ranked number one, and on a record breaking undefeated streak. NZ at home may have a chance with the crowd behind them. This is what the bookies say:

England 1/2
NZ 2/1
France 12/1
Canada 20/1
USA 50/1
Australia 66/1
Fiji 250/1
Italy 300/1
Everyone else 500/1

Checking the Odds

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